Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Walk via the Walt Disney World Boardwalk 2015

Big River Grille.

The Disney Vacation Club has a prescence here (Disney’s Boardwalk Resort is divided up into the Inn and Villas).

We are getting closer to the path that will take us to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Jellyrolls is on the left, and Atlantic Dance Hall is on the right. I have only been to Jellyrolls once in my life, and the Atlantic Dance Hall for special events during the day.

We are turning left at Jellyrolls, with the Atlantic Dance Hall in front of us.

Jellyrolls has a cover charge, and offers dueling piano playing.

If we were to keep walking ahead, we could either visit the Swan & Dolphin or turn right to the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts. But we are turning left here.

There are signs to guide guests, one is on the left side.

The bridge to the Swan & Dolphin is on the right.

The sign points to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The walk up to this was along shops and restaurants, and now it is with water on one side and Disney’s Boardwalk Resort guest rooms to the left. We will also be passing the pool.

Here is a look back at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel.

There is a driveway used by trucks that is very close to the path, but it is reserved for Walt Disney World vehicles.

Soon we will be passing the feature pool on the left.

The walkway to the left brings guests to the feature pool area of Disney’s Boardwalk Resort (which is only available to guests staying at the resort with a Magic Band).

Luna Park is the name of this location, and there is a clown slide. I will show this in more detail with a future walk at the resort itself.

More signage points the way.

A Friendship Boat passes the Swan Hotel.

We are passing guest rooms at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort on the left.

The Friendship Boat passes us to the right.

Ducks swim away from the boat.

Disney’s Boardwalk Resort will turn 20 years old next year! Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts turn 25 years old later this year.

Tennis courts for guests of Disney’s Boardwalk Resort are on the left. I don’t see much tennis going on there, and definitely not on such a hot day.

The walk here is a pretty quiet one for a bit, though the pathway is used regularly for walking and jogging.

We will be crossing under a bridge.

Guests walk under the bridge on their way to the park.

Once under the bridge, Disney’s Hollywood Studios comes into view.

The blue Sorcerer’s Hat was removed earlier this year, so the skyline isn’t as noticeable from this far away.

The Earful Tower can be seen through the trees.

And the Tower of Terror is coming up on the right hand side.

It is nice to see the Chinese Theater again after all these years.

This is a great area to take photos of the Tower of Terror, or to watch the Frozen fireworks this summer.

The parking lot for the park is to the left, and buses pass by.

This is how close the parking area is, just across the road to the left.

There is still a few more minutes of walking to get to the security area.

Ducks sit in the grass.

We are heading into a common area for guests visiting the park. Up until now, it has been a quiet walk with a handful of guests.

Well, it is still quiet  – but this area can be very busy!

We still are walking, hugging the fence to the right.

Guests needing a break can sit here in the benches.

The Tower of Terror is again in sight.

The boat dock back to the resorts is down the ramp on the right.

We have arrived to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Currently the topiary display is Anna and Elsa for Frozen Summer Fun. I figured I’d wait until it is replaced (usually by Sorcerer Mickey) to give a better idea of what you’ll find at the entrance.

Next time I walk this, I will time it and post the times along the route. Again, it is about 20-25 minutes for me, though I know some guests will walk faster than I do.