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Halloween Pumpkins and First Decorations Arrive at Magic Kingdom 2015

Hi everyone!

Our first Halloween article for 2015 was about the Magic Kingdom merchandise displays that appeared almost a month ago. Today, the yearly carved pumpkins were added to Main Street, along with garland and more on Main Street and in Liberty Square. There should still be more coming, including scarecrows, statues in the hub and other decorations. There isn’t much new yet that we haven’t seen before. This will be our 9th year covering Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, I look forward to posting photos and tips again in a couple of weeks! The Mickey floral in front of the Magic Kingdom now has autumn colors.

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Before reading our article, here is a video look from today!

Garland is at the entrances under the Main Street Train Station.

Here is a look at the area next to City Hall.

We enjoyed seeing the first autumn decor!

City Hall pumpkins.

Some of the most interesting pumpkins are on the Firehouse. They include the restroom directional pumpkin, a dalmation and fire hydrant.

This way to the restroom!


Fire hydrant.

Many of the storefronts have themed pumpkins, including the Harmony Barber Shop.

Garland lines the outside of the Emporium.

Pumpkins on the Confectionery.

Garland ribbon.

Another of my favorite pumpkins is the snowman.

More pumpkins as we walk down Main Street.

Above the Confectionery, one of the pumpkins includes a candy cane.

Another pumpkin peeks from behind a curtain.

The Art of Disney at the former Main Street Cinema.

A ghost pumpkin.

A film strip.

Some pumpkins aren’t themed to their location.

This pumpkin is above the Watch Shop.

Pumpkins above the former Arcade.

These remind me of The Wizard of Oz.

A witch pumpkin.

Jack Skellington.



Pumpkins above Crystal Arts.

Garland and pumpkins.

Smiling pumpkin.

The Roy E. Disney family windows are themed to his love of sailing.

This one looks like the Disney Cruise Line.

These are above Starbucks.

Black cat.

The pumpkins above the former Hall of Champions shop are themed to sports.

Autumn flowers and pumpkin.

The Ice Cream Parlor includes pumpkins with ice cream.

Casey’s Corner is themed to baseball, including hot dog and peanut carved pumpkins.

Casey’s Corner.

I think this pumpkin has been out just one year and looks like Mickey Mouse.

The Plaza Restaurant.

More from the Ice Cream Parlor.

Princess Tiana’s meet & greet area is decorated.

Liberty Square always looks lovely in autumn colors.

Liberty Square Market.

A great photo spot can be found near Sleepy Hollow Refreshments.

I still needed to photograph Center Street, and I hadn’t yet found the bat this year until walking back down Main Street (in the Ron & Diane Miller window).

Easier to see also in this direction at Uptown Jewelers is the engagement ring pumpkin.

It is worth walking down Center Street to see the pumpkins there.

Many of the pumpkins this way are themed to the windows, such as this musical note.

The pumpkins above the Art Festival include a paintbrush.

It was nice to finally see the sun today after so much rain! And we look forward in the coming days to the rest of the Halloween decorations.

Jeff wore his Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Party t-shirt from 2010!

See Ya Real Soon!

Will you be visiting the Magic Kingdom for Halloween this year?