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Duffy the Disney Bear Meet & Greet Ends at Epcot; Daisy Begins as Replacement & ShellieMay Book Now For Sale

Hi everyone!

We were there for Duffy the Disney Bear’s last day as a meet & greet character at Epcot, just over 5 years from the day he began (his arrival and Grand Opening event are on our website from 2010 here). There was a longer line for Duffy than I’ve ever seen, and clapping at the end as he left. Duffy never seemed to get the foothold here that I am sure Disney hoped, but he did have a lot of fans and followers. Daisy replaced him at the meet and greet location in World Showcase the next day, and a ShellieMay book popped up in Mouse Gear. Here is a look at Duffy’s last day, Daisy’s first day and the ShellieMay book.

We ended up in line twice, with a 45 minute wait the first time. Whenever we passed him over the years, there were would be a handful of guests waiting – it was rare for us to see him not have some sort of wait.

Duffy met just a little longer than 6:30 p.m., the last guest met him around 7:00 p.m.


Duffy’s story was still there even yesterday with Daisy meeting, although I am sure they will have all traces of him gone soon.

Duffy looks perplexed. We do love the autumn garland in this location.

It would have been nice to have seen more done with Duffy instead of just his wearing a sailor suit for 5 years. With his being in World Showcase, perhaps having costumes representing some of the countries would have helped generate more interest.

We received stickers after meeting Duffy.

Here is our video of Duffy the Disney Bear from his final meet and greet at Epcot.

The countries of the world were still represented behind Daisy yesterday, I am not sure if that will change. She is in her traditional outfit.

Here is our video of Daisy!

And a Cast Member mentioned that ShellieMay books had arrived to Epcot (we found them in Mouse Gear). We had been told 2 or 3 months back that ShellieMay merchandise would be coming to Walt Disney World in early October, so I expect there will be more. Disneyland Paris today started selling the ShellieMay bears. It seems like odd timing because Duffy is now gone, it would have been nice to have both of them out as characters meeting.

Duffy reads through the ShellieMay book.

ShellieMay The Disney Bear has been extremely popular in Japan for years, as Duffy has been and now Gelatoni too.

Will you miss Duffy at Epcot?