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DVD Review: Dear Sofia…A Royal Collection (Sofia the First)

We were sent the newest Sofia the First DVD to review, Sofia…A Royal Collection. This collection of episodes features four segments that include favorite Disney princesses – one in each of four episodes, and then two bonus stories.

The first episode is called “The Amulet and the Anthem” and is set on Sofia’s home turf of Enchancia. Sofia (Ariel Winter) is chosen to sing the Enchancia anthem at the Harvest Festival, which is a really big deal. Unfortunately, she lets this honor go to her head, and she acts dismissive toward her friends. Soon she is cursed with a croaking voice, and she has to figure out how to lose the frog in her throat. Belle shows up to sing and help her with her problem. Belle is not voiced by Paige O’Hara, but other princesses in the collection are voiced by the original actresses.

While the first episode is pretty lightweight fare, the second episode, “Princesses to the Rescue”, features Mulan and is set in the lush landscapes of Wei-Ling. The scenery is gorgeous and the story is meatier than the first. Prince James (Tyler Merna) and Prince Jin (J.J. Totah) find a treasure map that leads them to the Jade Jaguar. What they don’t realize is that the Jade Jaguar is real (and voiced by Stephen Stanton). Their fathers soon go to rescue them but are caught in a trap along with the sons. It is up to Amber (Darcy Rose Byrnes), Princess Jun (Michaela Zee) and Sofia have to save them. Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) – in her warrior outfit –  appears for a song and some encouragement in front of the tomb warriors. This is definitely a must-watch episode for any fans of Sofia the First and Mulan.

Princess Tiana (Anika Noni Rose) stars in the next episode, “Winter’s Gift”. Sofia goes to give Cedric (Jess Harnell) his gift, but overhears him saying how unhappy he is with gifts he’s received. Sofia decides her gift is not good enough, and travels into the winter woods on search for something else. She quickly meets a faun named Winter (Alyson Hannigan), who joins her on the journey. Everything Winter touches turns to ice, and she doesn’t want that gift anymore. Winter and Sofia present themselves to Glacia the Ice Witch to receive their wishes. When turned away, this is when Princess Tiana shows up, encouraging them to give personal gifts. And it turns out, Sofia’s gift for Cedric is the most perfect of all, because it was made from the heart.

That is just 3 of 6 episodes, which should keep fans of Sofia the First enthralled. I think the first episode of the 6 is the weakest – not weak, just not as much in-depth as other episodes in this collection. Sofia…A Royal Collection is also a great gift suggestion for the holiday season. The DVD also comes with a free “Letter to Sofia Kit”. Most or all Disney Junior DVD’s come with a little gift, which is a nice bonus.