Magic Kingdom Christmas 2015 Kicks Off: Photos & Video From First Day, Including “Frozen Holiday Wish”; Christmas Castle & Tree

Hi everyone!

The holidays kicked off at the Magic Kingdom yesterday, just a few days after Halloween finished for the season. We arrived just after noon and have photos from throughout the day. The Christmas tree is already up for guests to enjoy, I think 2007 was the last year it was up in November (that year, it began in the Rose Garden and moved after parade taping to Town Square). Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party begins on November 8th, and we will post coverage on the 9th! We already have photos and videos up of the Osborne Lights for this year.

Wreaths are the first sign of Christmas at the Magic Kingdom, adorning the toll booths.

Mickey’s head can be seen in the wreaths.

Our first view of the Magic Kingdom Christmas tree came from a boat.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party runs through December 18th, 2015 on select nights.

Mickey’s head as an ornament is back in front of the Magic Kingdom.

Garland forms a canopy above guests as they enter the park.

City Hall is decked out for the holiday season.

The Christmas tree is already popular with guests wanting photos.

The garland over Main Street ended two years ago due to Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.

A few things will be different this year than in recent years. There likely won’t be a day where the Christmas tree isn’t blocking the view of full Christmas decorations on Main Street. I did enjoy taking photos up here of Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. And there were “two trees flanking Cinderella Castle” from Town Square, which allowed for some beautiful photos. The tree also allows for pretty pictures, just different.

Wreaths hangs over Main Street.

Yesterday, this area next to City Hall was not called Candy Cane Garden yet. I don’t know if it will, and there were several features that are usually here that weren’t. One, the toy soldiers weren’t here. Two, the countdown to Christmas wasn’t here. And the sign for Candy Cane Garden wasn’t here. So we’ll see what does show up in coming days.

A Mickey wreath hangs from the ceiling.

A toy soldier stands in front of the Christmas tree.

Here is a video look at the decor.

There are toy soldiers throughout Town Square.

This garland always reminds me of dog ears.

Daisy Duck is dressed in her Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party attire.

Garland can be found all the way down Main Street.

New wreaths are in the hub area.

Poinsettia trees are also in the hub, this one next to a new turret. The turrets light up this year for Christmas!

The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor always is decorated with a large wreath.

Wreaths and garland are in and under the windows here.

Back in Town Square, here is another toy soldier.

Toys and a train sit underneath the Christmas tree.

This train is called the Lilly Belle.

This car notes the Carolwood Pacific.

Looking up at the Christmas tree and a blue sky.

We had our first photo of the season taken under the tree.

And we have never met Marie, so we thought it’d be nice to meet her with the tree in the background.

The Rockettower Stage in Tomorrowland is ready for “A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas”.

The sun was getting ready to set.

Garland can be found in Liberty Square.

While the temperature was hot, this area reminded me of Autumn.

We were ready for Cinderella Castle to light! And it did before the show began, unexpectedly (I didn’t get a photo of it).

Elsa arrives for her first appearance in the “A Frozen Holiday Wish” this season.

Kristoff takes to the stage.

From 2007 – 2013, Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother joined Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc.) in lighting Cinderella Castle. Last year, “A Frozen Holiday Wish” replaced “Cinderella’s Holiday Wish”.

Here is our full video of the show.

Olaf appears at the balcony.

Unlike the Fairy Godmother, Olaf soon heads downstairs.

Olaf joins Elsa and Anna onstage. Apparently the residents of Cinderella Castle aren’t home, so they try to decide who should turn the castle to ice.

Elsa says it just wouldn’t be right, since this isn’t their home.

But…okay. We’ll do it.

Anna is happy to see Cinderella Castle in ice.

Olaf and Anna hold hands while Kristoff looks on.

Elsa starts working her magic. Conjuring up an icy castle isn’t exactly fast, it takes a couple of minutes for it to happen.

Cinderella Castle undergoes lighting changes until the ice appears.

We are showing just a few photos of the process. It actually is just as impressive from Town Square.

We are almost at ice!

Cinderella Castle begins the icy transformation.

Fireworks shoot off of Cinderella Castle.

The guests from Arrendelle wave goodbye as the show ends.

Elsa makes her exit.

The holiday segment of “Celebrate the Magic” has also debuted this season.

Here is our video of this finale.

Cinderella Castle in many colors.

The holiday version moves very quickly through many different castle looks.

Remember the pink candy castle in 1996 for the 25th Anniversary?

Cinderella Castle as gingerbread.

With so much going on in front of the castle for several hours, there wasn’t a lot of time for photos. But we do look forward to more holiday photography during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

The Main Street Electrical Parade looks even more colorful with the Christmas tree behind it.

Big Ben with the Christmas tree behind it.

Elliot the dragon.

And a bald eagle in the “To Honor America” float.

Check out the turrets in ice, alongside Cinderella Castle!

Here is our video from this location!

Here is a view down Main Street of the tree. While it wasn’t particularly busy in the parks during the day, there were a lot of guests on Main Street after the second lighting and second Main Street Electrical Parade ended.

The toy soldiers and Christmas tree look even more festive at night.

Jeff took the tripod up for one more shot from the Main Street Train Station.

One last look at the tree for this article.

And in just a few days, we will be at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! We look forward to sharing photos and tips from that event.

Will you be attending Walt Disney World for the holidays this year?