Twenty Eight & Main Open at Disney Springs: New Shop Offers Clothing & Accessories for Men

Hi everyone!

Twenty Eight & Main opened in the Marketplace Co-Op at Disney Springs yesterday. It is a shop that is geared towards the “discerning gentleman”, but many items in the merchandise line are pieces I’d wear. While Twenty Eight & Main is aimed toward the Disney fan, there is no Mickey Mouse merchandise here. Shirts include the Adventurers Club, Nautilus, Mr. Toad, and Matterhorn – but subtly. And many items include the store logo, which features the coat of arms found on Disney castles. Shoppers will also find Pendleton Woolen Mills merchandise, including The Dude’s cardigan from The Big Lebowski. Nods to Disney can be found all over the store.

Twenty-Eight & Main inhabits the former Trophy Room shop, which lasted just over a year here. The small footprint of the store didn’t lend itself very well to sports, considering how many teams there are across baseball, football, etc.

Photos of Walt Disney can be found outside of Twenty Eight & Main.

There are also windows that include merchandise and what looks like newspaper with Disney references.

The styles here are classic, clothing that can be worn for years without going out of style.

One section of the store carries Rose and Crown merchandise that can also be found at Epcot. I don’t know if that merchandise will stick around or is a placeholder for something else.

A sign gives information on the name Twenty Eight & Main. 28 is for the debut of Mickey Mouse and Main stands for Main Street. The lion reaching for the star “symbolizes Walt Disney’s pursuit of his dreams”.


Here is our video of Twenty Eight & Main, followed by photos and information.

There is one Mickey Mouse figure in the store, near the Orange Bird and other items on this particular Florida Project shelf. There are a number of themes that resonate through the store, and this is one of them. The glass looks like a time capsule of sorts.

This display features Jungle Cruise artwork.

And here, Nautilus artwork and other items line the shelf.

The Matterhorn is referred to here.

There is an Adventurers Club display here.

On a lower display, this Rocketeer piece isn’t an item for sale.

Here is a look at some of the merchandise. About 10 items are currently online at the Disney Store, including Casey’s Corner, Toad’s Taxi, Adventurers Club and Toad’s Taxi.

Mr. Toad’s Taxi.

We thought the shirts might run small, but they seem pretty true to size. This is the Walt Disney World Railroad shirt.

The Adventurers Club shirt looks really nice in person.

The Nautilus shirt is raglan style.

Encased along the walls are other -t-shirts that feature different attractions. Each case offers an explanation for the shirt, like this Enchanted Tiki Room inspired t-shirt.

Tom Sawyer Island shirt.

Shrunken Ned, Head Shrink of The Jungle.

This is the back of the shirt.

Louie’s Swing Club.

“M Ancub” can be found below.

Abraham Lincoln’s hat is featured for The Hall of Presidents.

The Matterhorn.

Mike Fink Keelboats shirt.

Big Al.

This is a Progress City hoodie.

And also in the store, Levi’s shirts.

Pendleton has a pretty good selection merchandise in the shop. Pendleton has a Disney history, opening a store in Frontierland at Disneyland in 1955. You can read more about it here at the Pendleton website.

I mentioned how the store sells classic clothing – I’d feel very comfortable wearing a shirt like this.

This is The Dude’s cardigan from The Big Lebowski.

This bowling pin mentions that it is an “Original Westerley” and gives information on the back about the cardigan.

This is a Pendleton sack.

More Disney styles include this Mr. Toad hat. I am not a fan of the torn look, it would be nice to have a hat without it.

The Nautilus hat also has some tears in it.

This Twenty Eight & Main logo ball cap does not have the wear and tear look.

Walt Disney’s signature is on the back.

D-Tech offers this Adventurers Club iPhone 6 case.

There is a variety of socks available.

The Nautilus and Squid Submarine Voyage mug.

Skull Rock Treasure Hunting Co. mug.

Twenty Eight & Main t-shirt.

This engraved mug is quite nice.

There were other names considered for the shop, this was one original concept.

By the register, another Twenty Eight & Main sign hangs from the wall.

Behind the register is a map. The postcards and logos are represented with arrows to the different countries they are inspired by.

I didn’t post too many of them here, but The Orange Bird can be found here.

Tick-Tock Watch & Clock Repair.

The Matterhorn logo is next to a Switzerland postcard.

Go into the dressing room, and you will find much more to look at!

Artwork includes the Main Street Magic Shop.

Madame Rebecca.

The Main Street Penny Arcade.

And at least two of the framed artwork pieces include names of real Cast Members (Harlan and Solomon).

These antlers are a nod to the Country Bear Jamboree.

It is a little hard to read with my photo, but it mentions Melvin, Buff and Max.

Concept art for the Magic Kingdom is part of the design at the entrance.

We recommend a stop at the new Twenty Eight & Main store at Disney Springs!