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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Christmas Golf Cart Parade Includes Star Wars, Mater Carts

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground presents a golf cart parade several times a year, by far the biggest is always Halloween – but as usual, there were some unique carts designed by campers for the Christmas Golf Cart Parade on Christmas Eve. Star Wars dominated Halloween this year, and was present in the Christmas carts as well.

Donald Duck was in the first cart, and he also met guests once he arrived a the Settlement area next to Pioneer Hall.

Here is our video of the entire Fort Wilderness Campground Christmas Golf Cart Parade, and then check out our photos of some of the golf carts below!

Here comes Donald from the front, followed by more golf carts behind.

One of my favorites was this Mater entry.

Christmas Mater includes a wreath and character plush on the back.

Mickey and Minnie sit above the wording “Mater Rescue Squad”.

Many of the golf carts were themed mostly to the holiday.

Santa rides above this golf cart.

Mickey rides atop the next cart.

This one looks like a snowglobe with Santa Claus holding on.

Here is the side view.

A pup sits at the back of this cart.

Coming up is an AT-AT, which won first place.

This is the side of the AT-AT.

Princess Leia sits in the back, and the words “The Empire Goes Camping” can be seen.

A Dalmatian is on top of the next cart, which also comes with a large bow.

At the back, Mickey and Minnie join campsite guests.

Darth Vader carries a light saber on top of the next cart.

And ending the parade, some turkeys cross the road. You never know what you might see at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

We look forward to some more holiday viewing before decorations come down for the season!