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Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights Ends 20 Year Run at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Disney retired the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights yesterday, after 20 years of the Christmas light display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Beginning in 1995 at the former Residential Street location, the display moved to the New York Street area (I believe in 2005). We have been attending the yearly event since the beginning, and will miss it a lot. We were there for both the “first” final day – on January 3rd, and then the extended final day on January 6th, 2016. Here is a look at yesterday, and a few photos from the 3rd.

I already had posted quite a few photos of the display on its opening day, so I won’t be rehashing much of that.

Under the canopy was a great place to be yesterday while waiting for the lights. As the area around the switch was getting busier, I had plenty of room to enjoy the lights as they turned on for the last time. The evening wasn’t too crowded – busy but never unmanageable.

One of my favorite scenes at the Osborne Lights was this Dalmatian display. There were more dogs than ever this year.

It’s pretty incredible what millions of lights will do, even on a cloudy night.

Carolers wave.

Jack Skellington looks through the window.

The canopy has been one of my favorite aspects of the Osborne Lights, giving a different view of the buildings and set pieces around it.

The carousels weren’t spinning on the last day, which was nice – it allowed for photos that weren’t blurry.

Here is a look at one of the carousels.

Deer fly above the tree topper.

The breeze created an interesting look to the Christmas trees, as their lights swayed in the wind.

Guests within the Osborne Lights display were able to watch the Star Wars fireworks. The one disappointment is that the Peace on Earth globe and other lights went out (or were very dim) during much of the presentation. But I was able to grab a few photos first.

The lights were dimmer on this building, but still on.

Tinker Bell is surrounded by the light of the fireworks as she celebrates 20 years of the Osborne Lights for the last time.

The restroom area was closed for at least an hour because it needed to be clear for guest safety during the fireworks. It allowed for some nice photos looking toward it.

Last week, I noticed these shirts hanging on a line within the Osborne Lights display. I had not noticed them previously.

Here is a closer look, this shirt from 2013.

This shirt appears to be from 2012.

Everything but the kitchen sink was thrown into the Osborne Lights display this year. I had missed this little Jack Skellington in a wreath until later in the season.

I did love this addition, the Tony’s setup from Lady and the Tramp.

The cat changed locations at least 3 times, maybe more. The last spot it held was on the restroom building near Lights, Motors, Action!

More than ever, a message I wanted to see.

Mickey shook hands with Santa one last time.

An angel is reflected in a window.

Just before the lights were turned off, soldiers stand at attention.

I always enjoyed seeing these elves climbing out of the subway.

Here is our video of the final moments.

I mentioned that I was going to share a few photos from the 3rd. We had booked the Merry & Bright dinner for the original last night. It wasn’t worth writing up because it isn’t something that is happening anymore. The one thing that made the event really worth it was meeting Mitzi Osborne and having her sign our shadow boxes. The dinner itself was just so-so, but this was special.

These were our dinner gifts, with signature.

Instead out outside, the dinner was held at the Studio Catering Company.

The 3rd was rainy, but allowed for some lovely reflection photos in between the drizzle.

Santa pulls his reindeer.

Back to the 6th, after the lights turned out for the last time. The box was closed around the switch.

Cast Members formed a line to sweep the area.

It didn’t take too long to move everyone out, but it wasn’t immediate either. We weren’t the last guests out.

That’s a wrap on the Osborne Lights.

And it was also a wrap on the Jingle Belles, who were dancing in this window just a couple of days earlier.

What will you miss most from the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights display?