Star Wars Day at Sea Photos and Video from January 9th, 2016 Cruise on the Disney Fantasy

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Last week, I posted an article with tips and information about sailing during Star Wars Day at Sea on the Disney Fantasy. There are a total of 8 dates through April, or 8 actual days at sea that include Star Wars characters and activities. My thoughts on the cruise are in the first article, this is a photo and video heavy article about the Star Wars portion of the cruise with photos mostly that I haven’t yet posted. All other days were as usual, no Star Wars except for merchandise and films being shown in the Buena Vista Theater. We did not do everything available, like the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple and Padawan Mind Challenge. But we did quite a bit. Suprisingly missing was any sort of celebrities and insiders touted ahead of time.

Before reading the article, here is our Mousesteps Weekly YouTube Show #172. We talk all about the Star Wars Day at Sea!

There was a large Star Wars photo backdrop in the atrium. It was here for most of the cruise, until the final day. It was really the only decoration in the whole ship, except for guests decorating their doors.

The Navigator for the first day included some information about Star Wars Day at Sea.

Guests received this Star Wars Day at Sea paperwork to choose priority for an “interactive character experience”, which really means a standard meet and greet as opposed to roaming characters. The choices were Tattoine, Dark Side and Bespin. Our paperwork wasn’t in the room upon arrival, our room steward didn’t seem to understand what items he was supposed to put in the rooms (and he threw out the window cling gift as well, though we were able to get another one). So if you are going on the cruise and don’t receive this, just call Guest Services.

It wasn’t too hard to figure out who would be in the meet and greets. Each meet and greet had two alternating characters (in Tattoine side, there was both C-3PO and R2-D2 for one).

Before the Star Wars Day at Sea day, tickets were issued with the meets. Everyone we knew received two meet and greets.

On the first day at sea, Sea Treasures was stocked in the morning with Star Wars Day at Sea merchandise. There was also a queue set up outside the store, but it wasn’t needed for more than part of the first day. Most of the merchandise was there all week.

I’m a fan of Tervis tumblers, and Star Wars Day at Sea has one.

There is a long sleeve shirt.

This is the back of one short sleeve shirt.

Star Wars Day at Sea iPhone 6 case.

Star Wars Day at Sea hat.

Star Wars Day at sea car magnet.

Mannequin with the long sleeve shirt.

There was more merchandise as well, including pins (which did include future cruise Star Wars LE pins, maybe because #1 hadn’t yet arrived).

On the morning of Star Wars Day at Sea, guests waited for roaming characters.

The backdrop was available for photos consistently.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 3-D was being shown instead of a production that night in the Walt Disney Theater. The film was also shown in the Buena Vista theater, but not in 3-D.

Soon, some characters did arrive. A Tusken Raider stares down a guest.

This Boba Fett was not an official character, but he looked like one!

Boba Fett (a guest) gets in an elevator. Pretty much everything was allowed as far as costumes.

Captain Phasma was our first “interactive” meet and greet. She alternated with Darth Vader. I  mentioned in my previous article that I think there should be a choice upon arrival  which character guests can meet. We didn’t want to meet Darth Vader because we can meet him anytime at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and the guests behind us didn’t want to meet Captain Phasma because they had no idea who she was.

We met Captain Phasma, as did the guests behind us.

Here is our video with Captain Phasma.

The Cast Members inside the droid meet and greet allowed anyone who wanted to the opportunity to wait (while Darth Maul was greeting) to do so. We only had received 2 meet and greets, but a friend had one we didn’t and his family didn’t choose to join him, so we did.

Here is our video meeting C-3PO and R2-D2!

We met Chewbacca the next day, as Disney scheduled some meet and greets for the morning after Star Wars Day at Sea.

Chewbacca shows us the Chewie Chill in this video.

While the Disney Cruise Line did not have Kylo Ren on hand, it didn’t matter – a guest portrayed him capably.

A Gamorrean guard roams the hallways.

Stormtroopers were out on deck. I never saw Darth Vader roaming the ship, which was something shown in the ads ahead of time.

Stormtroopers pass the shuffleboard court.

Here is our video of the First Order Stormtroopers on deck 4.

One of the best parts of the whole day was passing Cuba. We were close to the coastline the entire day, which was really nice. We were told it was to keep the weather decent for the event. Most of the week had been otherwise rainy.

Dolphins played alongside the ship that day.

A Stormtrooper stands ready at the pool during “Pool Patrol”.

Here is video of the Stormtrooper Pool Patrol.

Boba Fett was high above the crowds for a bit.

Here is our video of Boba Fett!

The ship horn played the Imperial March.

Cruise Director Darren McBurney was dressed for the day.

Counter service offerings included some Star Wars specials, served by enthusiastic Cast Members.

I’m still not sure what makes this pizza a Death Star.

The Darth Vader Bantha Burger was a regular burger with a dark bun.

Here is another look at a Gamorrean guard, roaming the hallways on the third floor.

Bounty Hunter Zam Wesell makes the rounds.

Jeff took a moment to meet her. The characters seemed to be much busier earlier in the day, not as much in the afternoon/evening.

A guest dressed as Jabba the Hutt.

This tail was not able to get inside an elevator without help.

Here is our Star Wars character montage from the day!

The D-Lounge offered the Padawan Mind Challenge.

There was a Star Wars Costume Celebration (not a contest), twice in the day.

Guests dressed in all sorts of costumes, including this Yoda.

The Emporer’s Royal Guard was a great costume.

I love this C-3PO bounding outfit!

Even the shoes were gold.

Children show off their costumes.

Tusken Raiders look down from above.

As night settles in, a Jawa peaks the interest of a child.

In the Skyline Lounge, Darth Vader and other characters can be seen in London windows.

Mickey Mouse is seen too.

The most beautiful sunset of the cruise happened during Star Wars Day at Sea.

The sun goes down.

We had a larger aft balcony, which was perfect for this view.

The moon could be seen really well.

The entertainment started to sing regular songs while Star Wars characters still roamed about, replacing the Star Wars music.

The Emporer’s Royal Guard stood guard.

Jeff took another photo opportunity.

Jawas looked over from this atrium balcony.

The Walt Disney Theater had 3-D glasses available for guests. The theater is much more comfortable than the Buena Vista Theater for films.

All Star Wars movies were being shown during the week. There were other Disney films as well.

There was an abundance of popcorn buckets and sippers. They were cheaper than in the park, like the BB-8 was $8.25 with a drink, and the Tie-Fighter popcorn bucket was $15.00 with popcorn and a drink.

This Darth Vader popcorn bucket was $9.99 with popcorn and a drink.

There was a special dinner menu in all the dining rooms. The menu itself was really nice, it would have made a great souvenir if for sale.

The food items all had Star Wars names, like Jedi Temple Salad. Unfortunately, the food didn’t seem themed at all.

Here is a look at appetizers.

The menus that could go home? There was a Chewbacca kids menu and a Stormtrooper kids menu.

Desserts included Calrissian Velvet Cake and Princess Leia’s Warm Apricot Pudding. The red velvet cake was crunchy.

Overall the food on the cruise was very average this trip, and this dessert was no exception.

There was an alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink of the day (this photo is copyright Disney, taken from the app). I did not try either.

The Summon the Force show and fireworks were very popular. The fireworks and late night buffet were in place of Pirate Night, and I was told the Star Wars menu was also in place of it (we were in Palo during Pirate Night).

The show celebrated all the films.

Stormtroopers arrive.

Darth Vader with Stormtroopers on stage.

Darth Maul comes out on stage.

This was very similar to Star Wars Weekends.

Most of the characters we’d seen during the day were here.

Jawa, R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Up next were Bounty Hunters.

Chewbacca takes the stage.

Captain Phasma was next.

Here is the full Summon the Force show in video.

And that led into the Summon the Force fireworks, which was similar to Pirate Night fireworks but with Star Wars music.

This is our video of the Summon the Force fireworks!

At the late night buffet, watermelons were carved for Star Wars.

Desserts had garnishes with Star Wars themes.

I took it for the photo, but the dessert tasted way better than it looked.

Star Wars Rebels carved in a watermelon.

Most of the decorations were from the shops and popcorn stand.

BB-8’s sippers were everywhere.

Disney has plenty of sippers!

Here is another Star Wars watermelon.

Light sabers, sippers and helmets created this display.

In addition to the usual offerings, there was this Dark Side burger.

Tie Fighter popcorn buckets were abundant here.

The food was mostly similar to Pirate Night. We had just eaten, so I didn’t try anything but the one dessert.

A large Tie Fighter rests between two Boba Fett sippers at the bread area.

Kylo Ren towers over a watermelon.

Each stateroom received a “The Force is Strong with This Cruise” window cling.

Jeff asked the princesses who their favorite Star Wars character is.

And on the final day, the backdrop was gone. It was back to normal for the cruise, as See Ya’ Real Soon began.

Well, except for the video shown of the ship – it was fun seeing Jabba the Hutt again!

This is it for our coverage of Star Wars Day at Sea, but I’ll be writing more about the cruise itself soon!