Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Disney Springs Overview From Characters in Flight, January 25th, 2016 – Town Center, Landing, STK

Hi everyone!

Just a few days back, we posted an article with photos of current Disney Springs construction from the ground. I recently had purchased a Groupon for Characters in Flight, and yesterday ended up being a perfect day to use it. The day was a little bright, but it was one of the nicest days we’ve had here recently. The view is remarkable, seeing the overall progress from the air. There is still a lot to be done, I’m not sure when the real completion date will be – meaning not just completing the exteriors, but when all the buildings will be occupied. This is about the fourth time we’ve photographed from Characters in Flight over the past year and a half.

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Check out our video of the progress before the photos.

Here is a look at the Planet Hollywood entrance.

Palm trees were being added.

The sky was gorgeous!

Here is a look at the upcoming STK from the ground on Characters in Flight.

As we were lifting off, more of The Edison could be seen than is visible from the walkway.

I won’t be posting too much text here, since I don’t know what everything is to be. Most of what I’m showing is Town Center, though some of the Landing and a little Marketplace.

STK can be seen below.

The blue water looks really nice here.

Planet Hollywood is closed for a scheduled major refurbishment to become the Planet Hollywood Observatory.

Behind it to the right will be a World of Coca-Cola.

This area is near the World of Disney and LEGO Imagination Center.

The upcoming second parking garage can be seen in the background.

The length of the springs was the biggest surprise to see (for me).

Looking down on the former Adventurers Club, future The Edison.

There is also supposed to be a Walt’s (not sure if it’d be similar to Disneyland Paris) and Neverland Tunnels coming to this area.

I am looking forward to strolling these walkways.

Disney is still saying “mid-2016” for completion, but I just can’t imagine how that would ever be the case. It would be nice if these walkways here were open by then, but to actually have all the shops and restaurants complete and operational – someday! Until then, I enjoy watching each location open its doors.