LEGOLAND Florida Brings Out Celebrities and Characters to Premiere of “The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure”

Hi everyone!

LEGOLAND Florida Resort rolled out the red carpet for the premiere of “The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure” on Thursday night. The rain didn’t keep the crowd away, as celebrities and VIP guests arrived to help celebrate the opening. Red carpet celebrity guests included actor Aubrey Anderson-Emmons from “Modern Family” and actor Jack Griffo from “The Thundermans”. Characters including Emmet, Wyldstyle and Unkitty were part of the fun as well. Here are some highlights from the evening!

Befitting LEGOLAND Florida being a park for kids, drinks were all non-alcoholic.

YouTube stars The Eh Bee Family hit the red carpet.

Actor Jack Griffo from “The Thundermans” was up next.

Actor Madisyn Shipman from “Game Shakers” was next for an interview.

Actor Joey Bragg from “Liv and Maddie” joked around on the red carpet.

Actress Isabela Moner from “100 Things to Do Before High School” holds a LEGO Brick.

Actor Jace Norman from “Henry Danger” continued the extensive list of young celebrities.

YouTube Stars “Family Fun Pack”.

Aubrey Anderson-Emmons from “Modern Family”.

This is our video of the red carpet interviews.

“The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure” runs 12 1/2 minutes long, and utilizes 3D computer animation and other effects to create the 4D.

Confetti falls from the ceiling before we watched the film.

Emmet was just one of the characters on hand for guests to meet, and he will be joining some of his LEGO friends during LEGOLAND Florida’s LEGO Movie 4D Weekends in February. These weekends will include model builds, special character greets, and fireworks!

From the LEGOLAND press release, the film starts where the feature film ended. ” The story ‘finds the gang entangled in an Evil Secret Plot involving a mysterious theme park inspired by their adventures in ‘The LEGO Movie’, one that requires them to call on the Master Builder skills of a surprise ally to save the day”. It is still two years until “The LEGO Movie Sequel”, so this is definitely a nice bonus film to fill in the time until then.

Here are a couple of stills from the film.

We met Risky Business from the new film.

Benny was on hand to greet guests as well.

Emmet and Wyldstyle entertained guests on the red carpet.

Unikitty was further on down the red carpet, and will be meeting during the LEGOLAND 4D Movie Weekends.

It was nice to meet Emmet and Wyldstyle again.

Here is a closer look at Unikitty.

Here is our video of the characters at the premiere!

David Brady, Public Relations Manager for LEGOLAND Florida shows off a LEGO model of a set from the film, created by Master Model Builder Luke Phillips.

The stars of “Family Fun Pack” take a look at the model.

This was the interactive exterior red carpet after the rain had stopped.

It is rare for us to be at LEGOLAND after dark, it looks pretty at night – during the LEGO Movie 4D Weekends, there will be extended hours.

We are looking forward to visiting during LEGO Movie 4D Weekends!