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SeaWorld Bands, Brew & BBQ Food Overview: Two More Weekends Left to Enjoy the Event

Hi everyone!

We were invited to SeaWorld to sample the food offerings for Bands, Brew & BBQ. Chef Hector Colon has come up with a wide array of tasty dishes, and not all are barbecue. This year, the food is all in-house (except for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Kiosk) and includes a Smoke Brisket Waffle Cone, Chicken Waffle Cone, and Corn Chip Chili Pie. Here is a look at some of the food and the atmosphere for the 2016 event, which is in partnership with the USO Central Florida. (I didn’t have a chance to see Scotty McCreery play, I would have loved to but had a prior committment. I do look forward to enjoying a concert in the next two weeks. Upcoming concerts are Alabama (2/27), Foreigner (2/28), Steve Miller Band (3/5) and Daughtry (3/6).)

Bands, Brew and BBQ will end on March 6th, so there are just two more weekends to go!

The event map now spans more of the park, as food and beer stations can be found not only in the Festival area.

Chef Hector Colon created a BBQ Pulled Pork Sundae. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it really was like a dessert with the sweetness of the cornbread and the coleslaw.

Here is our interview with Chef Hector!

And now, a look at the ingredients for the BBQ Pulled Pork Sundae.


Baked beans.

Pulled pork.

And also coleslaw, which teamed to create the BBQ Pulled Pork Sundae. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, but the combination worked really well.

Guests can choose from Spare Ribs…

BBQ Chicken..

Warm Apple Crisp as a dessert.

The Corn Chip Chili Pie includes corn chips, hot chili, shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes and lettuce.

This is how the dish was served.

There are also waffle cone items, including the Chicken Waffle Cone. The chicken was excellent (fried chicken fritters) and comes with jalapeno cheesy mashed potatoes.

The 2016 Event Guide offers a very nice overview of the Festival.

Food and beverage items, along with their locations, can be found here.

There are tasting and craft brew samplers, along with special seating options.

Guests can enjoy entertainment and characters around the park.

Patriotic banners and flags fly.

The Blazin’ Grill features an Italian Sausage and 1/3 lb. All Beef Southwest Burger.

Comfort Kitchen features the Brisket Waffle Cone, Chicken Waffle Cone and Warm Apple Crisp.

Here is a look at the prices, though all 3 items offer sample sized portions for the sampler.

The Smokehouse Tavern includes BBQ Chicken Spare Ribs and the Pulled Pork Sundae.

And across the way, guests purchase some Fried Pickles or a Fried Jalapeno Ring Basket.

Merchandise can be purchased here, including a logo shirt.

Here is a look at the shirt.

Pass Members were receiving 30% off.

Guests can take to the dance floor.

This booth is for reserved concert seat selection.

The SeaWorld Bands, Brew & BBQ event always feels very laid back, it’s a nice time for the family.

Orlando Harley-Davidson is showing off some motorcycles.

There are a lot of terrific events during the year at SeaWorld, which is one reason we have an annual pass. Christmas especially is a special time here, and Halloween is a lot of fun too.

We recommend SeaWorld’s Bands, Brew & BBQ!

You can find out more about Bands, Brew & BBQ at the SeaWorld Orlando website. Thanks to SeaWorld for having us out, we look forward to a day at SeaWorld in the next couple of weeks on our own to enjoy the event!