Disney Park and Resort Photo Updates

Disney Springs Water Tower Appears & More from Town Center, Planet Hollywood Construction

Hi everyone!

A Disney Springs water tower has arrived to Disney Springs, facing Buena Vista Drive with Characters in Flight in the background in the first photo. We have photos of the water tower and more from Disney Springs today! These photos are taken by myself, as are almost all of the 100k+ photos on the site.

Here is a look at the water tower, which says “Visit Disney Springs, Florida”.

This is one of my favorite photos from today, a much wider shot with construction to the side of the tower.

The upcoming parking garage can be seen to the right (there are two, one has been open for about a year now).

Here is a look back, including of Planet Hollywood.

This is the other side of the upcoming parking garage.

The long-rumored World of Coca Cola building is near Planet Hollywood.

The upcoming bus stop location has new palm trees planted.

Here is a closer look at the palm trees, and you can see the water tower in the background.

The water tower.

One last look.

Planet Hollywood is in the midst of a major refurbishment as it becomes the Planet Hollywood Observatory.

Here is a look at the rumored World of Coca Cola building, which has been moving very quickly with construction over the past few weeks.


Zootopia opens on March 4th! I have seen it and was able to interview the filmmakers along with Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin. I look forward to sharing more about it this week!

The one thing I can share from last week’s Zootopia event is meeeting the characters! Here is a look at them before heading back to Disney Springs (they also did meet at a Disney Parks Blog event at Disney Springs today, but I met them at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park).

Here is a look at STK from the walkway.

The Edison is taking shape.

STK looks about the same from this angle as it has recently.

And from behind Morimoto Asia:

Near Morimoto Asia, here is a look at some construction photos of Town Center.

I believe this is supposed to be the Sprinkles Cupcake location, which opens this year. It notes on the Sprinkles site that a Cupcake ATM is coming (I have never seen one in person).

More photos!

Here is a look in the next few photos at the blue water (springs) and construction around it.

Last month, we took photos and video from Characters in Flight. This gives a good look at how the area is laid out. I expect we will head up again in March.

I am not sure what this is going to be.

This construction is near World of Disney.

And this is off the Marketplace bridge.

It was a pretty morning for a walk.

The LEGO sea serpent.

Not far from Cookes of Dublin, this looks like the top of a fountain (peeking over a fence).

Walking the other side of Raglan Road/Cookes of Dublin, where construction can easily be seen.

I do look forward to this all being open.

The fountain near the AMC Theaters has been off each time I’ve been here recently, but it was working today.

More Planet Hollywood construction.

From the parking garage, STK and the surrounding area.

And one last look at construction in the Town Center.

We’ll be back to Disney Springs soon!