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Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Chocolate Easter Egg Display 2016 Includes BB-8, Inside Out, Toy Story Designs (and Many More!)

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is presenting its Fifth Annual Easter Egg Display through April 4th, 2016! Chef Erich Herbitschek leads his talented team in creating masterpieces with chocolate eggs that measure 12 to 16 inches high, weighing 9-12 pounds (he also is in charge of Disney’s Grand Floridian Gingerbread House during the holidays). The eggs are as unique as they always are – we were told there are 17 new ones this year, including BB-8 and an elaborate Frozen egg. Former favorites include Tangled and Brave themes.

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I was loving these sunflowers in back of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort! I don’t remember seeing them used here before.

Last year, the eggs began being dispersed around the lobby instead of all squeezed into one location. It does allow more guests to enjoy the eggs, there is only one downside and I’ll show that in a bit.

Cast Members spent over 3 weeks on these gorgeous creations!

Here is our video of the Easter Egg Display, and then check out the photos!

Not only are newer movies included, but many classics as well. The Fox and the Hound is featured on this egg.

Look at the molding of Copper, with his tongue hanging out.

Here is a closeup on Tod.

Robin Hood is another classic, and the character inspired director Byron Howard in Zootopia.

Here is the flip side of Robin Hood.

Bags of money are at the base.

Inside Out is new this year. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust are at the controls.

Each character is so nicely crafted to his or her mood.

These are the backs of the Inside Out egg and the Lady and the Tramp egg.

Here are a couple of close-ups on the back of the Inside Out egg.

This is the front of the Lady and the Tramp egg.

The back of the egg features Lady and Tramp in their romantic Tony’s scene.

Si and Am are both on the egg.

Look up!

Mickey Mouse is a steampunk creation on this egg. There is also a hidden Mickey in gears on his watch.

On the flip side, Minnie is also steampunk.

BB-8 was a popular egg today.

Can you see Arlo? I recently interviewed director Peter Sohn about The Good Dinosaur.

Check out the footprints on the silo, just like in the movie.

Here is the back.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are on this returning egg.

Chocolate bunnies can be found throughout the display.

Rapunzel and Maximus are on the back of the egg.

A chicken lays an egg in this centerpiece.

This is a close-up on the chicken.

Merida and her family have been part of this egg for several years now.

I always love seeing her brothers on the back.

Mulan is featured inside this egg.

Mushu is on the back.

This pretty Grand Floridian egg has purple and gold butterflies.

Two displays flank the lobby.

This wonderful Toy Story egg includes Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Rex, and Woody.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head up close.

Woody stands against the egg.

Remember when I mentioned there was one issue with how the eggs are displayed? The two tables with extra eggs (flanking the lobby) don’t showcase the back of the eggs. You need to go looking for some of these angles. So much work was done on Buzz Lightyear and the little green men, so I wanted to show that.

Closer up on the little green men. So cute!

Rex offers a toothy grin.

Buzz Lightyear stands at the back.

Stitch tops this egg with a surfboard.

Here is a closer look at Stitch.

Another surfboard with a tiki sticks out of the “ground”.

This is a uniquely designed egg, it looks like it is wrapped in yarn.

The egg with two lifelike puppies is back again, for a 3rd or 4th year. It is a favorite of mine.

Look at his paws, his ears, his hind legs. He looks like he could stand up at anytime.

The pup sleeping in back is harder to see.

Here are the eggs on the other side of the lobby.

Peter Pan sits atop this egg, returning from last year.

Here is a closer look at Peter Pan.

Skull Rock, Mermaid Lagoon, Neverland and more are on the egg.

Can you see the ship on the back?

This is a Grand Floridian chocolate egg.

This egg has swirls.

Tinker Bell returns from last year.

Tink up close.

This is the front of the Beauty and the Beast egg. The harder-to-see back is gorgeous, and the next photo down.

This is the side that most guests won’t see, with Belle and her prince with the words “Tale as Old as Time”.

New this year is a beautifully designed Frozen egg, which is further back in the lobby on its own.

Elsa is on this side, with her ice palace.

Kristoff stands next to Sven.

Hans rides his horse.

The artwork on the egg is stunning.

The trolls especially have a 3 dimensional look to them.

Elsa is up next.

Olaf and Sven appear on this side of the egg.

Here is one more look at Kristoff, with Sven behind him.

All of the eggs are impressive, as always. And a variety of chocolate bunnies sit among the eggs.

Which is your favorite egg? I don’t think I have one, there are so many wonderful ones!