Disney’s Contemporary Resort Easter Egg Display 2016 Includes Muppets, Bing Bong, BB-8 Eggs and Many More

Hi everyone!

Guests visiting Disney’s Contemporary Resort have the opportunity to enjoy an elaborate Easter egg display through April 4th, 2016! While many know about the display over at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, I highly recommend a visit to Disney’s Contemporary Resort to see these. Pastry Chef Jeff Barnes and his team have spent the last month putting together eggs that include Lady and the Tramp, Muppets, and Inside Out themes. The eggs are made from white or dark chocolate; are 8″ – 25″ tall; and weigh 10-40 pounds! All eggs are made from edible items including modeling chocolate and fondant.

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Some eggs have been brought back since last year, but there are also many new ones. That makes for one very large display, this is maybe a third of it in this photo!

Here is our video, and then on with the photos!


This Lady and Tramp egg was the first egg ever by Nancy on the pastry team. It is gorgeous!

The words to Bella Notte are found on a heart.

Nancy stands with her egg.

This is one of my favorites, with the theme of The Muppets.

So many favorite characters are molded inside, including Miss Piggy, Kermit and Beaker!

Statler and Waldorf are on top.

Movie posters from the different films can be found on the egg.

And Jim Henson has also been molded, which is a fantastic tribute.

Michael from the pastry team kneels next to his egg. It was wonderful to meet the artists behind these two eggs! And there are so many other eggs to come in the article.

Check out this Stitch in an Easter basket, it is another one of my favorites.

From this angle, it looks like he has bunny ears.

Chip and Dale fight over an apple core in front of a chicken.

Here is a closer look at Chip and Dale.

Remy and Emile are on the artwork here, in a Ratatouille themed egg display.

Here is a closer look at Remy and Emile.

Princesses stand inside this egg.

This is one of the returning eggs from last year.

I believe Mickey also is returning.

Tinker Bell is inside a floral egg.

This egg has been around for years, I believe I first saw it in the resort lobby before they made one central display (the eggs used to be scattered around the resort). It is beautiful!

Olaf returns from last year.

I love the Easter theme with this one.

Red Queen egg.


Baloo and Mowgli are on this egg, which also has been around for a number of years. I remember seeing it first in Chef Mickey’s. I’m such a big fan of the displays, it’s interesting to remember back to where I first saw some of these.

Here is a look at some of the eggs. I’m not showing everything individually, there are so many. And they are all beautiful!

Future Cast Member.


A monorail leaves the Contemporary Resort in this egg.

This Mad Tea Party “egg” looks like a cake, and is returning.

The Cheshire Cat.

I’m really impressed that they were able to store this one, it is large and so detailed.

A sign at the top points the way.

This is the bottom.

Mad Hatter’s hat.

Mickey is on this returning egg.

Mike Wazowski.


Simba on an egg.

Frozen Fever – returning from last year.

Chicks swimming.

Baymax returns from last year, BB-8 is new.

The first Star Wars egg is this Millenium Falcon egg from 2015. I’m glad to see it back again!

BB-8 represents the newest film.

A Toy Story alien.


Here is a look at this side of eggs.



Tinker Bell.

Pastry Chef Jeff Barnes joined Michael and Nancy for a photo. They and the rest of the team did a wonderful job on these eggs! If you can stop by to see the display, I definitely recommend it.

Happy Easter!