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Minnie Mouse Helps Cast Members Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort 2nd Annual Golf Cart Parade

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort put on its 2nd annual Cinco de Mayo Parade today, with a variety of decorated golf carts and enthusiastic Cast Members in colorful costumes. We didn’t make it last year since we didn’t know about it, but they did a fantastic job today putting on the celebration! Minnie Mouse and both Walt Disney World Ambassadors were in attendance, and made for even even more festive occasion.

Cast Members put a lot of work into their carts, and there were several ribbons they could win.

We actually were asked to help judge the parade as well, so we ended up seeing the parade from two angles as it turned around at the pool.

Here is our video of the parade, and then check out the photos!

Walt Disney World Ambassador Nathanial Palma drove Minnie Mouse.

Walt Disney World Ambassador Caitlin Busscher sat at the back of the first cart, along with a Cast Member from Disney’s Coronado Springs.

Each entry had its own flavor, with different costumes as well.

This was my personal favorite cart, though they were all so much fun!

Because this cart sat for a few minutes, I was able to capture some of the details more closely.

At least two of the carts had hidden Mickeys.

Here is a look at the side of the cart.

A horse pinata sits on the cart.

Even the wheels were decorated.

They called themselves “Team Taco”.

All of the carts were decorated vibrantly.

The Cast Members at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort really were in the Cinco de Mayo spirit.

Check out this festive Tow Mater cart!

Tow Mater from the side.

Maracas and bongo drums were used by Cast Members.

Housekeeping had another of my favorite carts (and costumes!).

Here is another hidden Mickey.

The Cast Members seemed to have a great time.

This cart had so many tissue flowers, really pretty.

And more unique costumes for Cast Members.

The Toro Loco was next, with themed Cast Members ahead of it.

“Crazy Bull”.

After the parade was over, the celebration began.

Walt Disney World Ambassador Caitlin Busscher holds a guitar.

Cast Members get ready for judging.

Caitlin holds up one certificate.

Engineering won best overall with Toro Loco.

Caitlin poses with the winner.

Merchandise won Best Creative.

Housekeeping won Best Team Spirit.

Cast Members danced after the parade ended.

And Minnie Mouse stuck around for a while! She really looked cute in her unique costume. Check out our video of her below.

Here is our video of Minnie Mouse today.

We already are looking forward to next year!