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New Hollywood Minnie Mouse & Sorcerer Mickey Meet & Greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Photos & Video

Minnie Mouse and Sorcerer Mickey have a new meet and greet location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as of today! Mickey and Minnie “star” in Red Carpet Dreams (one guest thought it was a film instead of a meet and greet as he got in line). Minnie is glammed up with a Hollywood backdrop, and Sorcerer Mickey has a much more impressive location than his previous one. Here is a look from today!

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We arrived to Disney’s Hollywood Studios before it opened for the day.

While a handful of guests had already entered the line from the EMH crowd, the wait was only about 10 minutes.

This location is a bit harder to find than some, with the entrance being the former American Idol audition entrance.

Mickey and Minnie star in Red Carpet Dreams.

Mickey is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Minnie looks almost like a princess in this poster. They each direct the “movie” for the other.

There are some pretty light fixtures.

Minnie Mouse is the first character guests will meet upon entering. Her backdrop looks glitzy and there is a purple seat nearby. Her dress is sparkly, but it is hard to capture that in photos.

Before checking out the rest of the photos, here is our video of both meet and greets!

The purple seat includes a bow, a hidden Mickey and what looks like a parasol.

We went through twice since there was almost no wait again a little later.

Minnie kept posing quickly for photos.

She has all the Hollywood moves down.

One last dramatic look at Minnie.

And we posed with her as well.

Being that this is called Red Carpet Dreams, you an see the red carpet here as we go to see Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Along the way, there are movie posters for movies that Mickey and Mickey could have made in the parks. Here, Mickey and Minnie star in Wild West Caper with Big Thunder Mountain in the background.

Mickey and Minnie are The Darlings of Acapulco in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion with The Three Cabelleros looking on.

Mickey and Minnie are The Sweethearts of Swing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Mickey and Minnie star as America’s Sweethearts in Footlight Follies.

Mickey and Minnie look like they should be in Tomorrowland as they star in Galaxy of the Stars.

Donald and Daisy share a kiss.

Goofy eyes a bee.

I was surprised how nice the room is for Sorcerer Mickey, it really looks terrific.

Mickey Mouse stands with Yen Sid’s sorcery book.

Mickey shows off a broomstick.

Mickey with his broomstick.

We enjoyed meeting Mickey in his new location.

And you can still see Sorcerer Mickey as a topiary in front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

There have been a few different meet and greet locations for Mickey and Minnie in the last couple of years at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, hopefully this one will be around for a while!