Sprinkles Cupcakes at Disney Springs: Photos, Video of Cupcakes, Ice Cream & Shop – Now Open at Walt Disney World!

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Sprinkles at Disney Springs opened its 20th location at the Disney Springs Town Center area on Sunday, May 15th, 2016. We had the chance to preview it a couple of days earlier during a media preview, trying out some of the treats that Sprinkles is so famous for. While I have had Sprinkles cupcakes before, I hadn’t realized that the ice cream is at least as delicious as the cupcakes. So make sure to save enough room or visit more than once per trip! (If you are going to Walt Disney World very soon, sign up for Sprinkles Perks to receive a free cupcake! Mine expires a month from sign-up date.) Just to say right off the bat, my favorite thing I learned today is that Sprinkles donates leftovers to the charity A Grateful Mind. So not only are guests receiving fresh cupcakes all day long, but each day cupcakes will be feeding others through a food pantry. I just love that.

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Here is our video of Sprinkles at Disney Springs interior and treats, then keep reading for a lot of information about this new shop!

We were among the first guests to enjoy a visit to the Disney Springs Sprinkles location. The employees were all fantastic. The Cupcake ATM was not yet operational, but I do have photos of it below (not yet finished).

I’ll have a closer look at the menu prices at the bottom of the article. Cupcakes are $4.95 and other items include sundaes, ice cream sandwiches and more. What isn’t mentioned on the menu yet is that Sprinkles Orlando (at Disney Springs) can handle weddings, baby showers and other events. Parting favors can be ordered (like individual cupcakes); there are gender reveal cupcakes; wedding tastings are offered – just call 888.220.2210 for the latter. If you want several hundred cupcakes last minute, they can do that too. Guests who are going to Disney Springs might not realize that this is a full service shop! And cupcakes can be delivered within a 100 mile radius via online and phone ordering.

This is the case that guests will see upon walking into Sprinkles. There are about 15 flavors, including gluten free and sugar free. These are all made fresh every day. There are no preservatives, so you want to eat them within a day or two. There is no high fructose corn syrup used.

Sprinkles turned 10 last year (it is now 11 years old, hard to believe!), and this cupcake was created just for that.

One of the flavors is the Black & White.

We were told this salt comes from France on the Salty Caramel flavor.

Chocolate Marshmallow.

Because we split a giant ice cream cookie sandwich, I haven’t done more than taste a little of several cupcakes today. Of those, this dark chocolate is my favorite. The frosting flavor is outstanding.

We haven’t tried the Salted Oatmeal Cornflake cookie yet, but will soon (we have one to split). Everyone raves about it.

Here is a look at some smaller cupcakes.

I haven’t tried the Fudge Brownie yet (in a subsequent trip I will).

This wasn’t our ice cream sandwich, but all of them looked really good. I was very surprised at the quality of the ice cream, I was told they make it in small batches in Tampa.

We ordered a Sprinkles Cookie Sandwich with chocolate chip cookies and a scoop of cookie dough ice cream.

Here it is. It is $8.95 and it is HUGE. We struggled to split it, I’m not sure we quite finished the entire dessert. And after that, I couldn’t really eat much else. Honestly, 3 people could easily share it. The cookies are large and the ice cream scoop was generous.

Here is another look.

An employee makes a sundae. We could have tried anything we wanted today, it was really hard to choose. Fortunately, we live here and can go anytime. I tried a small spoon with the dark chocolate ice cream, and that was so very good. It reminded me of the consistency of gelato.

This is the 12th Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Guests can enjoy cupcakes out of here from 8:00 a.m. through 2:00 a.m. The shop hours are shorter, from 10:00 a.m. until midnight. Prices are slightly higher out of the Cupcake ATM.

Here is our video of the Cupcake ATM from opening day!

Cupcakes are made fresh all day, so you might see this note if they are making more.

A friend picked up this cupcake, even the forks are themed.

There is no mistaking that this is a Disney location.

Guests can order drinks and that includes a Red Velvet Mocha. For those of us who don’t like coffee? They can make it without the homemade mocha syrup (so it is more like hot chocolate). I enjoyed it without the mocha today. They added some red velvet cupcake crumbs on top, and I believe cream cheese whipped cream.

Sprinkles is considered the world’s first cupcake bakery. It is pretty amazing that the trend hasn’t cooled at all in 10 years. Sprinkles at Disney Springs will have seasonal flavors during the year.

The shop is very large, and I expect brisk business much of the time.

Here is another look at the case.

Here is a menu, and photos of each section closer.

If you have a family and want to buy a dozen cupcakes, there is a break for that – a dozen for $52.00. Guests can also purchase ice cream in scoops.

The Sprinkles ice cream sandwich prices are here, as well as the shakes. The shakes also looked great.

Sundaes and cookie prices.

Thanks to Sprinkles for having us out!

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Sprinkles is located just over the bridge across from Morimoto Asia and Raglan Road. The building exterior was still not complete today, but I will add that photo in a couple of days.

The address and phone number for Sprinkles Disney Springs are:

Disney Springs Town Center

1676 Buena Vista Drive, Buena Vista FL 32830. 407-560-9192.