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D-Luxe Burger Review: Disney Springs Quick Service Location Blends Great Food & Storytelling

Hi everyone!

D-Luxe Burger opened to the public on May 15th, 2016 with the new Disney Springs Town Center. The beautifully designed restaurant offers up delicious and unique hamburgers, along with “twisted” milkshakes and fresh-cut french fries. For those on the Disney Dining Plan, D-Luxe Burger takes one Quick Service entitlement. And while this is a counter service location, it is anything but fast food – and I say that in the best way possible. It was well worth the extra 5+ minutes it took to receive our food over regular counter service locations at Walt Disney World. The food is fresh and mostly created in-house.

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Before reading through the entire article, here is our video tour of the restaurant along with much of the backstory.

We had heard that D-Luxe Burger might open a little earlier than scheduled on Sunday, so we only had a 10 minute or so wait. The line was longer throughout much of the day. Umbrellas were set up for some shade.

There is a pretty big backstory to Disney Springs, and that includes D-Luxe Burger being in the first of the building settled here. The Disney story goes that back in the 1800’s, the Sinclair family settled in this location and they created Glowing Oak Ranch. Just outside the restaurant is an oak tree (it may not look over 100 years old :)). Campfires were held undereath it, and that is how the ranch received its name of Glowing Oak. I’ll go into more of the backstory later in the article.

Here is a look at one of the signs outside.

The menu includes a Classic Cheeseburger (I took mine without the cheese), a Barbecue Classic Burger, the El Diablo Burger, the Southern Classic Burger, the Cluck Burger and the Veggie Burger. There are gluten free buns available or guests can ask also to have their burger wrapped in lettuce.

Cast Member Lorie welcomed guests and handed out the menus.

The menu here is a little easier to read than the sign above. Each burger is explained in detail. The small fries were a decent size portion, a friend at the table ordered them.

Once inside, the wait isn’t too long.

Maximum occupancy is 253. There isn’t a ton of seating inside if busy, but they metered out the crowds pretty well and there is also covered seating outside (with fans).

You can see more of the storytelling of the restaurant just inside.

The story goes that the Sinclair son went to the World’s Fair in the 1900s and had his first hamburger. He brought that knowlege back to the ranch, where it eventually became a restaurant. This sign is for the “First Ever Burger Day”.

Guests can read what is on the walls while waiting to order.

There are postcards and a note, a little hard to read but Martin Sinclair is writing from the World’s Fair with news about his discovery of the hamburger.

This is a closer look at the postcard.

Beef advertisement from “Glowing Oak Ranch, Springs, Florida”.

Branding irons are posted, as well as advertisements.

I mentioned that the restaurant was beautifully decorated. I didn’t think the fire on the other side of the room was real, but it was pretty hot to walk near.

Glowing Oak Ranch is noted on this table top. Paper towels are in the middle of each table.

Stae of Florida Cattle Ranch map created for the backstory.

We made it to the register, and the burgers are listed above. There is a Signature “proprietary” blend that includes chuck, shortrib and brisket.

We tried a drink, but not a shake. I have heard nothing but glowing reviews of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic shakes here. The gelato is made at Amorette’s Patisserie.

A Cast Member takes our order. Burgers are cooked medium unless requested otherwise.

We took our pager, picked up our drink and passed by the window where we’d pick our food up.

Soft drinks are self-service.

Another part of the backstory, the condiment bar is one of the original stoves.

The ceilings and lighting fixtures change throughout. Some areas are more modern than others.

The roof tiles are beautifully crafted.

Milk jugs are in a box hanging above the beverage location.

There is a variety of artwork around the restaurant.

This is the Orange Float with alcohol. It is good, and the orange is Henry’s Hard Orange Soda. Honestly, the burger itself was very filling and I’d not have been able to drink a shake – this ended up being a good option to split (not as heavy).

Our pager went off.

The paper bags say “D-Luxe Burger”.

There were three of us at the table, each ordering different hamburgers. One friend ordered fries and a side sauce – there are 4 sauces, but we haven’t tried them yet.

The fries go through a 3 day process where they are soaked in vinegar for 24 hours and cook up crispy. They are very good, much better than the fries you’ll find elsewhere in Disney counter service locations.

My burger is to the left, a Classic Cheeseburger with no cheese. To the right, the El Diablo Burger. It includes chorizo, pepperjack cheese and lettuce.

Here is a closer look at the El Diablo Burger. This does have a kick, it isn’t a burger for me – but it is very popular already.

I took several photos to try to show how big this burger is. Normally I would not be eating it at one sitting, especially with the fresh bun (made at Amorette’s). I believe we were told it was 6 ounces. It doesn’t sound like a lot compared to what some restaurants serve, but it is very filling and I’d take half home next time. Not only was it filling, but it was delicious. It probably was the best counter service burger I’ve ever eaten at Walt Disney World, and that is going back to the 1970s. It is up there with some of my favorite table service burgers too. I hope they can keep the quality up and the price affordable – it doesn’t cost much more than going to any other counter service location in the parks. While it isn’t an inexpensive burger, it is comparably priced to what I’m used to paying for quick service but with superior quality.

This is the packaging it came in, there were no plates.

This is a closer look at the patty.

And a friend ordered this Red Velvet Burger Macaron – that is raspberry, not ketchup. I love how it looks like a cheeseburger. It is a macaron (like what you’d have in France), not a macaroon with coconut. The “ketchup” is raspberry.

Here is artwork of what was Glowing Oak Ranch in the backstory.

Located at the edge of Town Center, Glowing Oak Ranch is now Glowing Oak Restaurant (and in the story, eventually D-Luxe Burger).

Characters in Flight can be seen out the window.

I mentioned how much I enjoyed seeing each light fixture. I believe this area is designed to have been a barn in the backstory.

Another light fixture.

Lights hang from the ceiling.

More theming in some of the chairs.

Springs Grand Centennial Expo. It looks like Characters in Flight may have been there too.

A family photo hangs on the wall.

Glowing Oak Ranch is noted here.

Check out all the artwork on the walls!

Cows and gators are a recurring theme.

Two manatees share a drink.

A cow takes a shower.

Cows side by side.

I’m not sure about the spaceship references.

A cow sits on a rocket.

Another cow rides a human.

Here is the fire up close. It would be nice on a cold day – actually, it was nice even with it being hot outside.

The fire is in the main room, I believe this is considered the living room of the “house”.

Guests wait in line to be served.

The exterior seating area did not feel too hot, even though it was pushing 90 at this time. The shade and fans really helped.

Here is another lighting fixture.

The springs look beautiful!

And inside Guest Relations, the Glowing Oak Ranch can be seen in artwork.

This is now my go-to quick service Disney restaurant for a burger. I hope the outstanding meals continue for a long time.