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AristoCrepes Opens at Disney Springs: Photos & Review From Newest Food Kiosk (in Marketplace)

Hi everyone!

We’ve been posting about the newest restaurants at Disney Springs, and yesterday we went with friends to AristoCrepes. This anticipated location features both savory and sweet crepes, with plenty of choices in both categories. It officially opens Sunday, May 21st but has soft opened in the last couple of days. There are a total of 8 crepes, and we tried 6 of them. This is a Disney run location, but currently is not on the Disney Dining Plan. AristoCrepes is located on the other side of the Village Causeway (Marketplace Bridge), closer to the Rainforest Cafe. We were told that regular hours would be from 4:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m., which would essentially make this a dinner location.

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Here is the sign for AristoCrepes, which started peeking out over the walls that surrounded AristoCrepes a couple of weeks ago.

The menu includes crepes in flavors like Beef, Vegetarian, S’mores and Banana. Savory crepes cost $8.99 and sweet crepes $6.99. There are also wine, beer and alcoholic soda options.

The AristoCrepes logo that was on the construction wall is now on the napkin holder. It also mentions B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. and The Daily Poutine.

Up first is the S’mores crepe. These were split among 4 people, so I took 2-4 bites of each crepe. This was one of my favorites. Each crepe was light and crispy upon receiving it. The S’mores crepe especially turned softer with time as the marshmallow creme and chocolate sauce melded into it. It was still very good, but I think this one should be eaten more quickly. The S’mores crepe was also messier and stickier than any other I tried.

I’m actually a pretty picky eater, so the Beef crepe is not one I’d have ordered as is. I normally don’t eat horseradish, pickled red onion and definitely not cheddar cheese. But yet, the crepe worked for me with the sirloin steak and everything combined. Baby spinach is also included. This is a solid meal choice.

Here is a closer look at the Beef crepe.

This is the Strawberry Romanoff crepe. This was my favorite. It includes whipped cream, sour cream, sugar and brandy. The biggest taste for me was the strawberries and whipped cream, and makes for a very nice dessert crepe.

One more look at the Strawberry Romanoff crepe.

This is the Vegetarian crepe. It includes pickled beets, goat cheese, candied pecans and baby greens. It isn’t one I’d personally order, but it was tasty.

Here is a look at the AristoCrepes crepe holder.

This is the Vegetarian crepe, deconstructed. It looks like a pretty good meal.

The last two we tried were the Banana crepe and the Turkey crepe.

Bananas, Nutella and salted caramel – what’s not to love?

On the other hand, I really like white meat turkey (a lot), but did not enjoy the Turkey crepe. I think everyone in the group agreed this was the weakest of what we tried. I don’t care for Brie cheese and it really overpowered the turkey. There needs to be more flavor here….something closer to the Earl of Sandwich turkey sandwich, perhaps. Even if I liked Brie cheese, I think this would be a miss for me.

I’ve been overall impressed with the uniqueness and flavor of the new Disney food offerings at Disney Springs. Almost everything has been a step (or more) up from what can often be found in the parks. I’d love to see a waffle kiosk, bringing back the Spicy Chicken Waffle that was at the Magic Kingdom until recently – that was one of my favorite items to order in the parks. I do look forward to visiting AristoCreps again.