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Epcot’s Norway Restrooms Open (Photos); Frozen Ever After Attraction and Meet & Greet will Open June 21st, 2016

Hi everyone!

New restrooms have opened at Epcot’s Norway pavilion, replacing the smaller ones that were there previously. The opening date for the new Frozen Ever attraction and meet and greet will be June 21st, just under a month away – and more theming can be seen now that the restroom area is open. Here is a look at the new restrooms and more of the work taking place in anticipation for next month.

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The restrooms opened yesterday, with guests walking under the structure ahead.

The women’s restroom is completely new and to the left.

The signs for the restrooms are new too.

The restrooms had very little foot traffic yesterday, since most guests didn’t know about them. I was alone inside when I photographed. There are two rows of stalls – much bigger than what was available for women here before. This side of World Showcase has been light on restrooms and changing areas until now.

Looking down one row of stalls.

This decoration is above some of the sinks.

Baby changing sign.

While there is a companion restroom, I always preferred using the regular restrooms when I had a broken ankle. A lot of the newest Disney restrooms (especially at Disney Springs) don’t have very wide entry doors even when there are wide handicapped stalls. I think the Norway door entries will be a little better for handling wheelchairs and scooters when needed.

I was asked yesterday online if there is a companion restroom, and there is.

Here is the sign for it.

The design is similar to the other restrooms and includes a changing table.

From the women’s and companion restrooms, the men’s restroom is on the left. This is where the Norway restrooms were before the refurbishment.

Men’s room sign.

The design in here is mostly similar to the women’s room.

The decoration above the sinks is different.

Guests will walk back under this structure to exit.

Here is a look around Norway currently, which is being readied for the Frozen Ever After attraction and the new meet and greet.

New lighting fixtures are visible.

The roof of the structure I posted photos of.

Here is the side of one building near the restrooms.

Looking over the wall as roof and other work has been done to this building.

Plants can be seen in the windows.

Rockwork peeks out from over the wall.

The back room that has had Frozen merchandise recently is now closed off. It was open a week or so ago. It also is where the exit to the Frozen Ever After boat ride will be.

And this new shirt features Mickey and Donald. I recently wrote up an article about the new Norway merchandise.

I’m looking forward to next month when everything is finished!