Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade Brings Out Patriotic & Disney Themed Carts

Hi everyone!

It’s been a number of years since we’ve been able to attend a Fourth of July Golf Cart Parade at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground (we always make a point of it for Halloween and Christmas). It’s fun to see what the campsite guests come up with for themes, and the Fourth of July parade was even bigger and more creative than we expected.

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Here is our video, and then check out the article with photos below!

Donald in his pioneer costume was driven by Cast Member Susie.

I’m not showing all the golf carts, there were over 100 of them – but our video above includes the entire parade (except for a few last-minute carts).

Patriotism was on display throughout the entire parade, with carts sporting the red, white and blue.

A guest dressed up as the Statue of Liberty.

This was my personal favorite golf cart, a Tsum Tsum Finding Nemo cart! The Tsum Tsums on top are Goofy, Mickey, Duffy, Iron Man and Minnie. This cart is driven by the Miles family, who showed us photos of the Tsum Tsums being used as Halloween costumes last year. They were repurposed for the cart, which took a couple of months to put together. I was surprised it didn’t win anything in the parade, it is tremendously creative.

And the back, with the family riding and holding American flags.

Speaking of American flags, this seems to be a full size one on top of this cart.

Fireworks are the theme here.

Uncle Sam rides on top of this one.

And Lightning McQueen and Mater were also popular entries (Mater did win one of the prizes). These were both really fun!

Lightning McQueen from the side.

Tow Mater.

Here is the back of Tow Mater.

Duffy, Minnie and Mickey ride on a rocket.

A beach theme features Nemo, Chip & Dale.

Several large flags decorate this cart.

A shark with an Uncle Sam type hat rides above this one.

Behind another cart, this pup has his own ride!

A fire truck was near the end of the parade, along with a police car.

Some friends of ours arrived late to the parade, but made it just in time!

I’m glad they were able to get into the parade, even at the end.

After the parade, we met Donald Duck in his frontier costume.

Donald also was at the beach bash, where winners of the contest were announced (that is in the video).

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is a longtime favorite of ours, I love seeing the creativity of the guests who stay here during the holidays!