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Review: Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza: A Delicious Addition to Disney Springs

Hi everyone!

We were invited to a media preview of Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza at Disney Springs on Wednesday. The new restaurant opens today, August 5th! Blaze will be an extremely popular option for guests looking for a reasonably priced counter service location. Pizzas can be customized in a myriad of ways, with more than 40 toppings that can be added in any way guests want. Vegan and gluten free options are also available, and the restaurant takes being eco-friendly and serving all natural foods seriously. Here is a look around the restaurant, with a lot more information! The hours for Blaze are from 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. Sunday – Thursday and 10 a.m. – midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Blaze Pizza does take the Disney Dining Plan.

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We interviewed Jim Bitticks, Vice President of Operations & Training for Blaze Pizza. Much of that ten minute interview has been added to the article.

Here is our video tour of the restaurant, then keep reading for photos and information!

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza was founded by Rick and Elise Wetzel, who also began Wetzel’s Pretzels (a Disney Springs staple as well!). Five years ago, the Wetzels decided to try something new, so they researched pizza and found that “pizza for lunch was an unmet need”. They hired chef Bradford Kent, a pizza chef in L.A. The three created the restaurant, deciding to make the pizzas individual and cooked in an open-hearth oven to be “fast-fire’d” in just about 3 minutes. Bitticks says that, “The whole idea of building it yourself – doing it your way – speaks to the heart of Blaze. It’s your way”.

Below is the menu, and you can see that the Build Your Own and Signature Pizzas are just shy of $10.00 before tax.

Guests can build their own pizza for $9.65, including as many toppings as they wish. There is also a 1 Top Pizza and a Simple Pie, which cost slightly less. We were told that for gluten free options, they cook it on a teflon mat (unless asked otherwise) so that the pizza never comes in contact with flour or surfaces that have touched gluten. For either vegan or gluten free, gloves will be changed. Blaze will work with guests with dietary needs.

There are a variety of signature pizzas for $9.65. All items have calorie counts, even the toppings. There a nutritional chart on the Blaze website.

There are several side salads available, desserts, beer & wine and other drinks.

We were handed this as we entered.

Guests will pass a beverage case in the queue line, with bottled drinks ranging from soda to beer to wine and sangria and more.

There were quite a few employees on the line, and the pizzas move from station to station.

Here, there are cheeses and sauces (all with calorie counts).

Meats and vegetables are included, and everything is all natural (for example, the pepperoni is uncured).

Every pizza ends up looking different.

There are four different kinds of salads. I ordered a Caesar salad, and it was a decent portion size and about what you’d expect for a Caesar. I didn’t try any other salad.

The oven dome can reach 900 degrees.

There are also beers on tap.

The fountain beverages have some interesting choices.

Of note are the Blue Sky sodas, these are all-natural (and owned by Coca-Cola since 2015). They are made with pure cane sugar and the three different flavors pour clear, with no artificial colors.

Included in the beverage price is the Original Lemonade, and the signature Blood Orange Lemonade. To the right are the Agua Frescas, with Key Lime Mint and a Prickly Pear flavors. I was saving my extra calories for dessert this time, but I did try a little of the Agua Fresca (it is great having so many unique items to choose from!)

There is also freshly brewed iced tea, sweetened and unsweetened.

Guests order in the queue line, and pick up pizzas here at the counter.

The backstory of the restaurant is that it is an old saw mill. These tables are designed to look like logs are being pushed through the mill.

My one quibble with the restaurant – and it is the only one – is that it gets loud inside. There isn’t anything to absorb sound. There is a nice outdoor patio (which we’ll show below), and it is where I’d eat in the future.

This was my pizza. I’m more of a picky eater, so I went with four toppings: green peppers, red onions, mushrooms and beef. I asked for extra on each except for the beef. It was as good as it looks, and I was happy to have a couple of slices left over for lunch the next day. There aren’t a ton of good options for pizza on Walt Disney World property, so Blaze Pizza will fill that niche very nicely.

Jeff ordered this pizza, and the Caesar salad is to the left.

This was my first time trying Fünf Sangria (it is very good!) Sweet and fruity.

Three dessert options are available. Two are newer, the brownie and the cookie. This is the brownie, and it was tasty but not highly unique.

This is the chocolate chip cookie.

The “gold standard dessert” is the S’more Pie, and Bitticks said it is “forged by fire everyday”, made fresh daily as other items are. Blaze roasts the marshmallows, melts the chocolate and puts it on a graham cracker type cookie. Blaze will warm it up on request. This dessert has won awards.

Outdoor seating is my preference, and there are large fans overhead to keep it cooler. There is a lovely view of the springs and surrounding restaurants and shops.

The Blaze Pizza Fast-Fire’d entrance is in view here.

Planet Hollywood can be seen in the distance.

The springs lead toward Planet Hollywood.

Blaze employees pose behind the counter.

Here is another view.

The boiler here is part of the backstory.

And the menu boards are held up by lumberjack skidding tongs, also part of the story.

Here is a clear shot of the queue line. The restaurant is quite large, with a generous amount of seating inside and out. And I like the concept of moving the pizza down the line to different employees at their stations.

We were told even the cups are eco-friendly, not made from petroleum (forks, knives, everything is made to leave a smaller footprint).

Blaze employees get ready for the grand opening.

The outside of the restaurant says “Buena Vista Timber Co.” in keeping with the theme.

Here is a look at Blaze Pizza at night from across the springs.

The restaurant hours are listed on the door.

Thanks to Blaze for having us out, and we look forward to many more visits on our own! The pizza is terriffic, it is reasonably priced, and in one of my favorite locations at Walt Disney World.