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Halloween Decorations Arrive at Magic Kingdom for 2016 Season, Walt Disney World – Including Themed Pumpkins

Hi everyone!

Halloween has arrived to the Magic Kingdom, with Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party kicking off tomorrow, September 2nd, 2016 (check out our photos from 2015). That to me is a little scary, where has the year gone? Not a lot has changed this year over last year, but some has – and I’ll share a look down Main Street in the next two pages and over 100 photos. The weather was grey, as it is today, with hurricane Hermine coming closer to Florida. We’re hoping to have full coverage in photos, video and tips for the party this weekend, but it will depend on weather tomorrow night. I’ll link to it here when I have it posted! This will be my 10th year posting photos from the event to Mousesteps.

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Wreaths and pumpkins decorate the Magic Kingdom toll booth.

This was our first look at a pumpkin before arriving at the park.

The first photo in the article shows the two pumpkins that greet guests before they enter into the park. The train station is decorated with banners.

Before checking out all of our photos and information, here is our Halloween decorations video!

Fall garland and pumpkins decorate the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.

Stacked pumpkins are near City Hall.

Mickey pumpkin with City Hall in the background.

There are a few decorations I don’t recall from previous years, including these wreaths.

Garland draped on City Hall.

The Firehouse has some of my favorite pumpkins.

Many pumpkins on Main Street are themed to their locations. The Firehouse is no exception to that, with a dalmatian motif on these pumpkins.

A fire hydrant is on this pumpkin.

But my favorite pumpkin at the Magic Kingdom?

The restroom pumpkin. This appeared probably 4 or 5 years ago. It’s really a fun one!

Above the Harmony Barber Shop is a barber shop trio.

They all are singing.

Two barber shop trio pumpkins.

The scarecrows are also themed. Here is the Mayor of Main Street.

Cinderella Castle can be seen behind the Mayor of Main Street.

He always keeps a Mickey Mouse themed pocket watch.

I’m not sure in particular which streetmosphere character this is supposed to be.

The Main Street Philharmonic is represented in the next two photos.

This band member may not be able to play his drum.

We will share a view from the Main Street train station at the end of the article.

More stacked pumpkins, this time near the Town Square Theater.

The Chapeau is decorated for Halloween.

Pumpkins can be found over the sign.

This wreath style looks new to me this year.

There are more themed scarecrows on this side, representing the Confectionery and the Main Street Bakery.

The Confectionery scarecrow holds a candy apple and a lollipop.

The Main Street Bakery Scarecrow holds a bag of sugar that is spilling.

This scarecrow is ready for Casey’s Corner.

And this one, the Main Street Emporium.

A Mickey Mouse pumpkin doll hangs from her hand.

The Dapper Dans were singing.

Above the Confectionery, a snowman pumpkin. This one has moved at least a couple of times since it was introduced (maybe 5 years ago or so now).

Here is a look at the Confectionery.

The Emporium.

A pumpkin winks in the window.

Daisy Duck is back in her Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party costume.

Daisy holds a bucket of candy corn.

Apples and pumpkins decorate this side of the display.

Confectionery treats sit in a display case (within the display).

Inside the Confectionery, real Halloween treats are ready for purchase.

Huey, Dewey and Louie are part of another window display, in their Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween best. Here is Louie.

Mickey and Minnie traditionally are in the windows of the Emporium. This time around, it is Donald and Pluto (Mickey and Minnie are inside the store).

Pluto in the window, ready for Halloween.

Across the street, more of the Main Street Confectionery.

Candy is on one pumpkin.

A lollipop on the other.

The Art of Disney/Main Street Cinema offers a couple of themed pumpkins.

One is a film strip with Mickey Mouse on it.

Another is a ghost.

The watch shop also offers a themed pumpkin.

Appropriately, the pumpkin features a watch.

Inside the Emporium, decorations have been refreshed. I like it a lot better than previous years.

Mickey and Minnie have moved inside, dressed in their Halloween costumes.

Mickey and Minnie up close.

Halloween merchandise for sale.

Halloween Walt Disney World 2016 t-shirts.

Hot chocolate in a cauldron.

Mickey Mouse as a vampire plush.

Decorative and merchandise pumpkins.

The backside of the Mickey & Minnie display features pumpkins I’ve not seen before.

If you’d like to see more of the merchandise, our video is pretty detailed.

I’ve never understood the significance of the pumpkin here.

These pumpkins always remind me of the Wizard of Oz.

Looking down Main Street toward Cinderella Castle.

Keep reading on page 2 for more photos!