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Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire at Magic Kingdom Adds Autumn Finale, Modified Version of “Vive La Vie” Song from Disneyland Paris

Hi everyone!

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire debuted a few months back at the Magic Kingdom, and a new autumn finale has already been added. It’s terrific to not only see new costume pieces, but to hear a modified version of “Vive La Vie” from Mickey’s Halloween Celebration Parade (La Célébration Halloween de Mickey) from Disneyland Paris. It is one of my favorite songs from the Disney parks, and I not only look forward to hearing it again not only in the Magic Kingdom, but in it’s original form at Disneyland Paris in a few weeks (I posted the parade at the end of the article). I hope there are other seasonal versions around the year!

The finale comes after the Frozen segment. Mickey and Minnie will have different costumes in the next photos – as will Goofy, Donald, Daisy and the performers. To see all the usual costumes for Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy, take a look at my article from June, which includes our video of the first performance.

Donald and Daisy (in their autumn costumes) join Flynn, Rapunzel and the ruffians.

Here is our video of the autumn finale of Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, then keep reading for more photos!

Goofy in his autumn costume.

Donald and Daisy.

Flynn and Rapunzel dance as Donald looks on. The story of Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire is that Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy invite friends from far away to join them at this celebration. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Princess Tiana with Prince Naveen and Louis, and Elsa, Anna and Olaf are the invited guests.

Mickey and Minnie join hands.

Most of my photos were taken from here. It’s easier to photograph the full stage from further back and there is a nice incline in the pavement.

Minnie Mouse is helped down the stairs by Prince Naveen.

Minnie has a moment with Louis.

And one more moment.

Minnie and Mickey dance to one of the finale songs.

All of the characters from the show perform in the finale.

Mickey Mouse shares a surprise with everyone.

The surprise is fireworks. They are harder to photograph, but you can see them at the sides of Cinderella Castle here.

What I really like is that this is an autumn celebration and not geared to Halloween.

Goofy, Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Daisy join other performers on stage.

Goofy, Minnie and Mickey.

Mickey and Minnie head backstage at the end of the show.

Definitely make time for the show if you are in the Magic Kingdom – during any season. Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire has grown on me since its debut.
Here is a look at Mickey’s Halloween Celebration Parade at Disneyland Paris from 2014, it is a wonderful parade – not so much celebrating Halloween as it does autumn and the harvest. I really love it.

We will be bringing you much more for the autumn and Halloween season at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris through the end of October!