Book Review: Disney 5-Minute Christmas Stories Offers Twelve Stories of Giving and Holiday Tradition

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Disney 5-Minute Christmas Stories is a collection of Christmas stories that can each be read in about 5 minutes. The twelve stories here include a wide range of characters – Mickey & Minnie, Wall-E, Pinocchio, Lady & The Tramp and more. This book is the size of what I’d consider a “treasury” book – a couple of hundred pages, and it offers a lot of book for the money.

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The stories in Disney 5-Minute Christmas Stories revolve around the themes of giving and holiday traditions. While the giving aspect often has to do with presents, it isn’t only about that. One of my favorite stories of the ones I read was the 101 Dalmations during their first Christmas. They want to give their humans a gift, and they eventually figure out the very best one.

One of the more humorous stories is about the White Rabbit wanting to make sure that the Queen receives her present. Alice follows him (or was it just a dream?), and the story is pretty amusing – the characters include Mad Hatter, Dormouse Mouse and the Cheshire Cat.

I like that the stories here span a wide variety of different Disney animated characters and the stories stay true to what you’d expect of the characters (at least they did for me).

Unlike some books, Disney 5-Minute Christmas Stories isn’t a stocking stuffer – this is a solid book for gifting, perfect for young fans of Disney and Christmas.

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