Disneyland Paris Halloween Brings Out a Multitude of Disney Characters Including the Cheshire Cat, Marie and Jack Skellington

Hi everyone!

We have been back from Disneyland Paris since last Wednesday, and I wrote an article a few days ago titled 10 Reasons to Visit Disneyland Paris for Halloween. It is a fantastic holiday there! One of my 10 reasons was the plethora of characters that guests can see and meet. There are a lot! I’m only focusing on characters that are Halloween related, not on others that can be found around the parks. We were there in 2014 for Halloween as well, and I think this year is even better. Keep reading for photos and video! Halloween at Disneyland Paris runs from October 1st, 2016 – November 2nd, 2016.

Honestly, if you can make it for Halloween at Disneyland Paris – do. It is my favorite park for Halloween (though I’ve not been to the Asia parks yet). Halloween time is included in the regular ticket/pass price.

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The Cheshire Cat is new this year for Halloween. He meets for a very limited time each day.

Here is our video of the Cheshire Cat.

Maleficent meets for much of the day behind Sleeping Beauty Castle, next to the brambles.

Jeff meets Maleficent.

Here is our video of the popular villain.

Mickey and Minnie meet together in Frontierland.

Minnie met separately in 2014, it was nice to see them together this year.

This is our video of Mickey and Minnie.

It is always a treat to meet Jack Skellington near Phantom Manor!

Here is our video with Jack. Actually, I wasn’t able to be there (I was running errands at the time), so I’m mentioned in the video instead.

Jafar meets in more than one location. He has this meet and greet in Adventureland, but also meets with the other villains.

Here is our video with Jafar.

Anastasia and Drizella are always so much fun. They seem to cover most of Fantasyland, but also are part of the villains shows and meet and greets.


Here is our video of Anastasia and Drizella receiving a marriage proposal!

Stitch is on Main Street, but appeared to be wanting to hide.

Stitch then took a seat.

Time for a hug.

Here is our video of Stitch.

Marie is in her Halloween bow and collar, also on Main Street/Town Square.

Here is a look at her bow.

It was a lot of fun meeting Marie.

Here is our video!

Daisy shares her location with Stitch. They don’t alternate on and off, but have their own set times.

I hadn’t noticed before, but it looks like Daisy has hidden Mickeys in her costume (the bats).

Here is our video of Daisy.

Bon Bon Goofy is in Fantasyland this year.

Here is our video with Goofy!

I love Mickey’s Halloween Celebration parade/cavalcade. Daisy is in a different costume than above as she leads the procession. The photos aren’t in order of when the characters are in the parade otherwise.

Donald and the nephews are on this float.

Mickey and Minnie in their harvest costumes.

Here is our video of the parade, along with a few more character photos. I really love this parade, and I watched (and photographed) it often during this visit.

Eeyore, Rabbit and Pooh.

The Three Little Pigs are on this float. Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow share it as well.

Chip and Dale share the back of this float with Clarice.

It’s fun to see Clarice! I don’t remember ever seeing here in Florida.

Scrooge McDuck and his pumpkin with Tigger in the foreground.

Pluto leads a group of performers.

Tigger goes airborne – this is one of my favorite photos I took of the parade.

Disneyland Paris Halloween is fun and villainous (of course, it can be both at the same time as well!)

The Disney Villains arrive for their shows.

It’s Good to be Bad with the Disney Villains is a treat to watch – there are actually two separate shows, which then culminate with a meet and greet after each. The meet and greets are actually longer than the shows. It’s very similar to the former Magic Kingdom Villains Mix & Mingle, with a lot of villains available to meet.

Dr. Facilier wears a mask in this show segment.

Here is the Evil Queen hosted version (during the day) of the show. The shows are pretty short, maybe 6-8 minutes each.

I met The Hag after one of the shows. In Paris she is a face character, which I really like.

And I had the chance to meet the Evil Queen as well.

Frollo meets guests after the show.

The shows are even more fun (and visually stunning) at night.

Gaston with Cruella DeVil and Captain Hook.

Here is our video of It’s Good to be Bad with the Disney Villains at night, with Cruella DeVil as the host.

On nights where there is no evening shows, the villains are out and about in Town Square for an hour or so. I am assuming this will happen through all of October, but it isn’t in the guide so you never know. This was fantastic, and one of my favorite character experiences ever. There were two sets of about a half hour each, with characters from the two shows as part of it. Anastasia and Drizella were so much fun as they ran around Town Square.

Lady Tremaine gives a look to a guest.

Dr. Facilier posed with us.

Frollo followed a mom and daughter.

The Red Queen chases after a guest or two.

We posed with Judge Frollo.

Jeff was able to stop The Hag long enough for a photo. She ran around Town Square without stopping much.

Here is our video of The Hag in Town Square.

I am very glad we were able to make it back this year for Halloween (we stayed after the 5k and Disneyland Paris Half Marathon), I wish I could be there every year for it. The fun characters are just one of many reasons why I love this time of year at Disneyland Paris.