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Mousesteps Weekly #203: We Talk Disneyland Paris 5K & Half Marathon (with 5k Video Overview From Both Parks) and Disneyland Paris Halloween Decorations, Characters & Parade

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Mousesteps Weekly #203 is posted! This show is all about Disneyland Paris but from two very different weekends. The first weekend was Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend. Jeff signed up for the 5k at the last minute and he was able to get great footage through the parks, including of the sunrise and many of the characters we passed. We didn’t get much half marathon footage, but Denise finished the race and talks a little about that. The second weekend is all about Halloween, including the decorations through the park; the fantastic Halloween characters including Cheshire Cat, Marie and Jack Skellington; and Mickey’s Halloween Celebration parade/cavalcade. Read below for more information about the 30 minute show with links to videos and articles we’ve posted. And thanks to our main sponsor, MEI/Mousefan Travel. We recommend them for your Disney vacation!

Published on Oct 15, 2016

In Mousesteps Weekly #203, we talk about the following topics:

We were in Disneyland Paris for Half Marathon Weekend and for Halloween season at the resort.

Our first look is at the Disneyland Paris 5k. Denise was signed up for both runs, and Jeff was added at the last minute to the 5k. He recorded the fun, including characters (one of our favorites was Luigi joining Remy and Emile), a look at the parks in the early morning, and the Cast Members cheering everyone on. Since Denise didn’t record the Half Marathon, she talks a little about that during this segment and for the small portion of the half marathon that Jeff recorded on Main Street.


Here is our Disneyland Paris 5k Rare Characters at Disneyland Paris Video!

We stayed in Disneyland Paris for the second weekend as well, which was the kickoff of Halloween. This is a fantastic season at Disneyland Paris! We first show some of the decorations around the park, including on Main Street and in Town Square and the hub.

We met the Cheshire Cat, in his Halloween debut at Disneyland Paris (he has been out for special events prior). Minnie and Mickey meet together in Frontierland, and we stopped there. Jack Skellington was in absolutely top form! We also met Marie, Stitch, and Daisy Duck in their Halloween outfits.

Mickey’s Halloween Celebration is the parade/cavalcade at Disneyland Paris for the Halloween/autumn season that lasts through November 2nd, 2016. It is a lively parade, with a memorable soundtrack. The parade includes Scrooge McDuck, Rabbit, Clarice, Donald Duck, and so many other characters.

This is our video of Mickey’s Halloween Celebration Parade

One of the highlights for us of Disneyland Paris Halloween was the villains – both in their show (It’s Good to be Bad with the Disney Villains) and in their meet and greets near Sleeping Beauty Castle and in Town Square. Villains include Maleficent, Gaston, the Hag, Evil Queen and Cruella DeVil. This was such a fun time to be at Disneyland Paris!

Recorded 10/15/16 Featuring Commentary from Denise Preskitt and Jeff Lange.

Show Notes / Links

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Video shot and edited by Jeff Lange