Book Review: “Elena and the Secret of Avalor” Tells the Story of Sofia the First and Princess Elena

Elena and the Secret of Avalor is a new book geared toward young fans of Disney Junior (the age range target is 6-8 years old).

For as much as the title and illustration in Elena and the Secret of Avalor suggest this is a book all about the newly 2016 debuted Princess Elena of Avalor…well, it is – but it is told by Sofia the First and it really feels more like her story. At the beginning of this hardcover book, she says she is the Storykeeper and in charge of real-life stories that need happy endings.
One of those stories is the one regarding Princess Elena. This book is all about how Sofia the First found out that Princess Elena was trapped in her amulet and it was up to her to free her, and includes characters from Sofia the First’s family, the evil sorceress Shuriki and Princess Elena of Avalor. At the end of the book, several pages are dedicated to introducing Princess Elena and her family and friends.
I would recommend Elena and the Secret of Avalor for children who are already fans of Sofia the First. They may already know this story, which I believe has already been told in video form. I think for a child who doesn’t know much about the Disney Junior show/s, it would help to become acquainted before reading this book. It otherwise may be a lot to digest in one story. The book is written in simple conversational form from Sofia’s point of view, though it is not a simple story. The book is written by the creator of Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor Craig Gerber and also Catherine Hapka. The illustrations by Grace Lee are nicely done.