Book Review: Disney Frozen Storybook Collection Introduces New Stories for Young “Frozen” Fans

The Disney Frozen Storybook Collection is a new entry for young fans of the film, a hardcover book with about 300 pages of stories. Most will not be familiar. The first story will be – it is the entire story of Frozen told quickly in about ten pages. About midway through, Frozen Fever is presented in story form. The book mostly tells new stories that feature familiar characters from the film, including Elsa, Kristoff, Anna, Sven, Olaf but also Wandering Oaken, the trolls and other secondary characters. There are a total of 18 stories, many geared towards the sisterhood bond, and parties are a big theme here. Sometimes the references can get a little repetitive, like Anna waking up with her messy hair – or about chocolate, etc.  But I’m speaking from an adult point of view, and not a 6-8 year old point of view, which is what the book is geared for and most young children will likely be happy to see so many references that can be found in the film.

The Frozen Storybook Collection is a nicely presented book, large compared to many and can be gifted easily on its own as opposed to smaller books that would fit in a large stocking for Christmas. The illustrations are colorful and plentiful.

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