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Gaylord Palms ICE! 2016 Opens with “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Theme: Photos & Video of Display

Hi everyone!

ICE! Featuring A Charlie Brown Christmas debuted a few days ago at Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee. Created by artisans from Harbin, China carving 2 million pounds of ice into the classic story, it is a yearly tradition for us. We were invited to a preview of the event (and an overnight stay at the resort), but I first attended ICE! during its second year and have recommended it since then. ICE! Featuring a Charlie Brown Christmas runs through January 1st, 2017. We will share much more of the Christmas at Gaylord Palms experience within a few days. Here are photos and video from our preview! I do recommend wearing a hat, scarf, double socks, and warm gloves to pair with the parka that Gaylord Palms will give you for the event. It is 9 degrees in the exhibit, and you want to spend as much time as possible!

The Alpine Village theme is at least a few years old now, and I really enjoy this as the entrance to ICE!

This was the most excited I’ve been for an ICE! walk-through since Frosty the Snowman. I love the classic stories from my childhood.

Here is our full walk-through video, then keep reading for photos and more information!

Charlie Brown with Linus can be seen through this wreath, and Snoopy to the right on his doghouse.

A Charlie Brown Christmas in ice.

Charlie Brown holds his small Christmas tree.

Snoopy lays near a pile of bones that have been put in his dog bowl.

Charlie Brown and Linus.

Snoopy leads Lucy, Sally and other characters in skating.

I love the look of movement.

Sally and Linus are part of the group.

Charlie Brown at the mailbox.

Near this scene, guests can stop off to the On the Blocks Ice Bar. This is a premium upgrade that can be purchased before going through ICE!

Our bartender pours our drinks. We received two small samples and one larger drink.

Guests can sample from these choices. I sampled Jackson Morgan Peppermint Cream and…well, I sampled two of those. Jeff tried the Goose Island Winter Ale and Hangar Vodka. I then chose the Merry Margarita and Jeff ordered the Jolly Mint.

This is one of my Peppermint Cream samples.

And my Merry Margarita. It is a fun way to sample beverages.

We were cold, but took our photo with the “I Froze my Blocks Off” sign.

Back to Charlie Brown! Charlie visits with Lucy for psychiatric help.

Snoopy is ready for Christmas.

The ice slides are extremely popular! Though honestly, the Alpine Rush Snow Tubing is a lot more exciting (it does cost extra, but is so much fun!)

Charlie Brown with Sally.


Here are the slides, 4 of them. Charlie Brown sits atop.

Charlie Brown is the director.

I looked this character up, it seems to be Frieda.


Schroeder at his piano.

Sally is also in the slide room.

Charlie Brown with his Christmas tree, as Linus looks on.

Linus in the Christmas pageant.

Charlie Brown stands outside Snoopy’s doghouse.

Charlie Brown up close.

The front of Snoopy’s doghouse.

This scene is the most beautiful I think of all the Charlie Brown Christmas rooms. Stars shine above as the characters sing around the Christmas tree that is flanked by Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

Lucy and other characters sing here.

Snoopy stands in front of the Christmas tree.

Linus and Sally.

Jeff in the wreath photo-op.

The Frostbite Factory is where you can see artisans in action, which is a lot of fun for me.

The artisan was creating Orlando United inspired carvings.

I took photos on two different days.

An ornament is carved in ice.

Elf on the Shelf in ice.

Frozen carver showcase, with information on the different types of ice.

This gives information on how these artisans from Harbin, China design ICE!

The nativity scene is created from crystal clear ice, which is the hardest to make and takes several days to create.

This room is a yearly favorite of guests, always a reflective display.

Upon exiting ICE!, this is always a funny sign to see.

Santa Crossing.

And guests can purchase merchandise. The ICE! shop at Gaylord palms has always been a favorite of mine, with a wide variety of items. A small selection is Charlie Brown Christmas themed, and that is what we bought this visit. There is also a Build-A-Bear location again this year.

I purchased this long-sleeve tee. The prices are reasonable, I believe it was $22.00.

We will be writing more about Christmas at Gaylord Palms this week!

Thank you to Gaylord Palms for again letting us be part of the experience. If we weren’t invited, this is an event we would pay for (as we have in the past). I highly recommend Christmas at Gaylord Palms! And make sure to visit when a Cirque Dreams UnWrapped show is playing – it costs nothing extra to enjoy this fantastic holiday show. Tickets for ICE! can be purchased at the links provided.