PB&G and Plancha at Four Seasons Resort Orlando Debut New Lunch Items

Hi everyone!

Last week, we were invited to try some new menu items that are being served at both PB&G and Plancha at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando. We’ve posted reviews of both restaurants previously, and PB&G has changed its chef and menu significantly since then. It has moved from a barbecue menu that, while delicious, was heavier for an outdoor pool setting than the new menu that has been evolving this year. There are standard items like burgers and a turkey club, but also unique entrees such as an Andouille Sausage Hoagie and Gyro Style Lamb. Here is a look at some of the newest items at both restaurants!

The setting for our tasting was at PB&G, which is near the pools at Four Seasons Resort Orlando (the name stands for Pool Bar & Grill). It is a gorgeous setting for a meal. Plancha is over at the Tranquilo Golf Club, no less a quiet and peaceful location. The Tranquilo Golf Club has no parking fees, so no validation is needed (the Four Seasons Resort Orlando is otherwise a valet parking location).

Our tasting offered smaller sampling portions, but we were able to see and photograph the full-size menu versions. The entree sizes are almost all very large, enough for Jeff and I to split. And even though we were offered smaller portions, it was a lot of food – but between Jeff and I, we probably tried everything. And there is nothing we’d not recommend, along a couple of items very much stood out for us and others at the tasting.

First we’ll look at PB&G items.The Crispy Skinned Snapper features beets, lemon herbed rice and blood orange vinaigrette.

We were told that the “Gyro” Style Lamb is likely the most popular new addition to the menu. The dish comes with garlic naan, tomato cucumber salad, and marinated onion. I was suprised that lamb was such a popular entree here, it’s nice that unique offerings can do well.

Here is another look at the dish, which is a really decent portion size.

Of what I tried, this was one of my favorites. It is a perfect choice for a pool day, Rotissierie Chicken Panini. It comes with brie cheese, winter pear, watercress and whole grain bread. This is a very refreshing and tasty choice.

The Roasted Chicken is a heartier dish. It comes with marbled potatoes, winter greens and lemon-thyme jus. It was very tender.

I like a good burger, and the American Burger fits that bill. It comes with roma tomato, butter lettuce, red onion and colby-jack cheese.

The Soft Baked Pretzels are an appetizer at PB&G and come with maple mustard & beer cheese dip. This was one of the most popular tasting items, they are soft and tasty.

Now on to Plancha. New is the Ceviche, with root puree, romaine hearts, plantain & yucca chips, and pickled onions.

The Chorizo Flat Bread features smoked chorizo, crispy shallots, piquillo pepper sauce, manchego, cream cheese and argula.

This was really the hit of our table, the Churrasca Cobb with poached egg, cornichons, tomatoes, shaved red onions, and a mustard vinaigrette. The skirt steak is an additional charge, and the salad with steak was a very solid entree.

This is the Open Faced Ropa Vieja, a new appetizer. It offers braised beef with puff pastry and chimichurri aioli.

The Adobo Salmon includes grilled gem lettuce, lima beans and salsa criolla.

The Fried Calamari is about what you’d expect, and includes sazon flour, rocoto sauce and lemon.

PB&G Chef Mikey Termini is behind the menu changes at PB&G, and has really created a menu with something for everyone with a wide variety of flavors. There are a lot of healthy options – really, a lot of the menu has a pretty healthy profile. For a pool area restaurant, there are so many choices, including beef, chicken, crab cakes, lamb, snapper, salmon and more.

The bar atmosphere is very laid back.

I love the view here!

Each restauant at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando is significantly different from the next. That is one of my favorite things about visiting the resort. From the Capa rooftop steakhouse to Ravello (my personal favorite restaurant), Lickety Split, Plancha and PB&G – there are so many different, delicious and unique meals to be found here.

Thanks again to the Four Seasons Resort Orlando for having us out, it’s always a pleasure to spend some time at the area’s only AAA Five Diamond Resort.