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Miss Adventure Falls Family Raft Ride Opens at Typhoon Lagoon (Photos, Video)

Hi everyone!

Miss Adventure Falls opened at Typhoon Lagoon today, a new family water raft ride that essentially takes the place of the former Shark Reef even though Shark Reef was in a different location (it closed in October, 2016). The attraction offers the first audio-animatronic in a Disney water park, and a conveyer system so that guests don’t have to carry the rafts up a hill. Here is a look at photos and video of the new ride!

I’m starting with the video, and then keep reading for information about the ride and photos.

The skies were pretty cloudy today, eventually bringing afternoon rain. It kept the park on the cool side, even with temperatures in the (low) 70s.

Typhoon Lagoon opened today after a winter closure.

Laguna Gator waited for guests.

“Welcome” was written in chalk, including a hidden Mickey.

Miss Adventure Falls was noted on park signage. Originally the ride was to be Miss Fortune Falls.

Signage for Miss Adventure Falls near the ride.

Captain Mary Oceaneer’s diving bell is located here.

Here is another view.

This is a close-up on the words. The backstory of Captain Mary Oceaneer is that she was a great treasure hunter, and then a Typhoon struck and carried them to Typhoon Lagoon.

The diving bell is impossible to miss, even when you aren’t riding.

A drink with umbrella sits on one of the boxes.

The Society of Explorers and Adventurers is noted throughout.

Miss Adventure Falls entrance.

Typhoon Lagoon signs often paint over other words.

Blustery Bay map.

There is a treasure chest and more on the bottom.

Here is the Society of Explorers & Adventurers logo. You can find this fictitious organization (created by Disney to theme certain attractions and restaurants) noted at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar at Disney Springs, Skipper Canteen at the Magic Kingdom, Mystic Manor in Hong Kong, at Tokyo DisneySea and – here.

Under the S.E.A. Quarterly (see what they did here?), with Captain Mary Oceaneer.

The attraction had a 5 minute or less wait for hours, which allowed guests to ride more than once easily today.

This is a family raft ride, but there are still a few strong recommendations – like expectant mothers shouldn’t ride, and guests should be in good health. No infants are allowed.

There are some items to look at in the queue.

This is a reference to Shark Reef.

Guests are precious cargo, just as this box within the raft is.

S.E.A. is on this box as well.

The queue is nicely shaded.

The ground includes some gems and coins/medallions in the ground.

Here is a look at them.

Duncan the parrot is Mary’s “diving partner” and is an audio-animatronic. I mentioned earlier that this is the first audio-animatronic in a Disney water park.

I’ll have a couple of more photos below from the ride, but the figure can be seen from the queue as well (which is where these photos were taken from).

The short story of Captain Mary Oceaneer is hung on a few poles.

A typhoon struck and cut their trip short.

Bon Voyage.

Rules for the slide include 2 to 4 guests per tube, and to remain seated while using handles.

There is an illustration on how to ride.

Guests can be seen climbing the hill (left) and arriving back (right).

Precious Cargo.

S.E.A. is in the raft.

Here are some screen captures from the ride, including the lift hill.

Here is a look at Duncan.

Duncan close up.

Here are a few photos of the ride.

And the end of it.

This area of the old Shark Reef still stands.

And on my way out, I took a couple of photos of Miss Tilly. The yellow tabebuia tree made a nice border on the bottom.

Being in the low 70s today, it was a little chilly for me to consider a lap in the lazy river.

Miss Adventure Falls is meant to be a family ride, not a thrill ride really so don’t expect that. It should be a welcome addition to the park as the days get warmer.