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STK Disney Springs Weekend Lunch Review (Brunch Coming in April)

Hi everyone!

We’ve posted a number of dining reviews at Disney Springs recently – mostly media events this year, but there are a few newer restaurants we’ve not yet tried. STK was one of them (except for an opening event with appetizers and drinks, which our group left early from). There was a great STK promo over the holidays that included an extra $50.00 with a $50.00 gift card. That offer was too good to pass up, and we went last weekend for lunch. Lunch is now only on weekends, although there is a brunch coming and the server said it’d be served every day (I know that would be unusual, so we’ll see how it pans out). Apparently that will begin around mid-April, though there wasn’t an exact date available when I asked. With so many restaurants at Disney Springs, and fantastic steak at The Boathouse within a quick walk, I think brunch would be a very good addition to bring something unique to Disney Springs. At the same time, lunch was excellent and we’d dine here again. Here is a look at our experience!

Dinner wasn’t an option for us at STK, the restaurant can have loud club-type music and we wanted to avoid that. Lunch was much quieter, with soft pop music playing. The location is easy to find, on what is now The Landing area of Disney Springs, where Pleasure Island used to be.

Before reading the rest of the article, here is our Mousesteps Weekly show #221, we talk about STK at about 10:10.

There were two hosts upon arrival, they moved away for the photo. In the past, I’ve seen hosts occasionally outside that made the restaurant appear uninviting. It wasn’t like that at all, there was a friendly welcome.

At the host stand, there were postcards showing the STK Brunch coming soon. We do plan to join friends to review that as well.

We were the first guests for the day, the restaurant had just opened. While it never got very busy, there were quite a few tables on the lower area that were filled by the time we left.

This was our view. There are tables outside on a patio.

Here is another section for dining.

For lunch, guests can order steaks just as they can at dinner, or the option of salads, burgers and sandwiches from the menu. The steaks do not come with a side, I don’t know that the other entrees do either but the burger came with fries.

When brunch starts, I hope they will keep the lunch part of the menu intact.

I was going to order the 10 oz filet, but the server talked me into an 8 oz skirt steak. The cost difference was $16.00 less, so we used that for another side. It was very tasty, nicely cooked. I think I’d order the filet next time, but was a solid entree.

Jeff and I were splitting our food, and he ordered the classic burger – it includes prime beef and a brioche bun. I liked this even more than the skirt steak. This was a very good burger and the generous side of fries were decent too. I personally prefer steak fries at a steakhouse, but these went well with the burger. While I said above I’d order the filet next time, maybe it’d be the burger because I liked it so much. It also includes cheddar cheese, which I’d normally have removed – but it was so light that the taste was negligible (I don’t eat cheddar cheese, so that worked for me).

Here is a look inside the burger.

In the first photo, I also showed the side of mushrooms and onions I’d ordered. At $12.00, the side was pricey but delicious.

Jeff also ordered the lobster macaroni and cheese. It’s $22.00, but it is big enough for a meal and Jeff really enjoyed it.

Lobster can be seen inside.

Creamy Yukon Potatoes – the potatoes have a very thin consistency, but so much flavor. I would order this again.

I forgot to photograph the dessert menu, but there were a number of options that sounded good. This is a mini ice cream cone sampler for $10.00. I don’t know if I’d order it again (there are other menu items I’d like to try), but the flavors were wonderful and there is chocolate at the bottom of each cone.

There is a bar on the first floor of STK, and I believe one upstairs as well.

About half of our meal came home with us. Leftovers were just as good the next day.

STK is not an inexpensive meal out, but everything we ordered was terrific and the service was as well. The prime burger for lunch is currently $18.00, for the quality I think the price is fine for Disney Springs. It is may be the best burger we’ve had so far at Disney Springs, and that is saying a lot. There are a ton of fantastic dining options now and more coming, I think STK should be busier than it is and hopefully brunch will change that. STK also currently offers a 10% WDW Annual Passholder discount.