Disneyland Paris Pulls Out the Stops for 25th Anniversary on April 12th, 2017 – Overview with Photos & Video, Including Rare Characters

Next up is the cavalcade, I photographed it both times to get more character photos. The cavalcade featured the same characters and performers as the morning show.

Here is our video of one of the Grand Celebration Cavalcade parades! And then check out all the photos below it.

The band led the way.

The Three Little Pigs and Merlin join Oswald in this shot.

Minnie arrives in her 25th special costume!

The seagulls from the Frozen dance segment with Olaf took a while to figure out (I wasn’t sure where they were from at first).

Miss Bianca and Bernard.

Roger Rabbit and Jessica walk by. Launchpad McQuack and Darkwing Duck are in the photo as well.

Shellie May was extremely popular with guests!



Sully works the crowd.


Kuzco from The Emporer’s New Groove.

Flik and Atta.

Jasmine and the Sultan.

25th anniversary confetti falls from the sky.

More performers and characters keep coming.

Stitch in the Discoveryland segment.



Leroy with Sample and Sparky.

These are all extremely rare characters everywhere.

Mittens and Bolt.

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.

Doc McStuffins.

Goofy drives by.

Alice dances with the Chesire Cat.

Anna and Elsa.

Nick Wilde.


The Fairy Godmothers are not face characters here.

Mary Poppins.

Robin Hood.

Friar Tuck.

Darkwing Duck.



Hercules picks up Meg.

And then he swings her around.

Jasmine, Aladdin and the Sultan.

Abby Mallard and Chicken Little.

Milo and Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


Jim and B.E.N. hug.

The costumes on this day were fantastic!


Wendy and Peter Pan.

Cheshire Cat.

March Hare.

I’ve never seen the Big Hero 6 characters in person (except for Baymax and Hiro in face character form).

Chip and Dale both had hats with their names.

And at the end of the night was the “Kiss Goodnight”, with the twelve main characters saying goodnight for a half hour with the song “Everyday’s a Celebration” playing in a much slower tempo than earlier in the day. It’s a terrific song, fast or slow.

Here is our video of the “Kiss Goodnight”!

Duffy, Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey and Minnie in their special costumes.


Goofy, Max, Pluto and Donald.

Shellie May.

Pluto and Donald.


Duffy cries while Donald looks on.

Shellie May rests.

It was time to go, just a few minutes before the characters finished their goodbyes.

I was glad we were able to be there for the actual anniversary day, I’m not sure I’ll see anything like it again in my lifetime. It was a very special day!