Book Review: Disney Kingdoms “Enchanted Tiki Room” Ties Together 5 Comic Stories in One Hardcover Book

Last fall, the Enchanted Tiki Room comic series was released – and as has other Disney Kingdoms comic series like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and The Haunted Mansion, there is now a hardcover book that includes all five comic stories of Enchanted Tiki Room. The comics are written by John Adams and beautifully illustrated by Horacio Domingues.

Within just the first page, the stories have a Fantasy Island feel to them as a volcanic island in the Pacific welcomes several groups of visitors. The island is inhabited by the adventurous birds of the Enchanted Tiki Room, including Jose and Fritz. One of my favorite aspects of the book is the cameos by the Orange Bird, who interacts with the visitors and the birds. Visitors whose stories unfold include Agnes, “One of Hollywood’s most famous-slash-forgotten actresses”, who has problems finding love and keeping her dog happy. The groups visiting the island have some connections with each other through the stories.

There is some fun Enchanted Tiki Room artwork at the end of the book, including designs by Rolly Crump.

Enchanted Tiki Room (Enchanted Tiki Room: Disney Kingdoms) is from Marvel, clocking in at 128 pages. If you are a fan of other Disney Kingdoms comics, then this likely will be right up your alley as well.

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