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“Happily Ever After” is an Enchanting Replacement for “Wishes” (Photos, Video)

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The new Happily Ever After projection and fireworks show debuted on May 12th, 2017, just one night after the last showing of the longtime guest favorite Wishes. For myself, I was ready for something new and was completely wowed by Happily Ever After, and it was easy to see that most or all of the guests around me felt the same way. The show has a similar feel to the former Disney Dreams castle show at Disneyland Paris, utilizing some underused characters (such as Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as well as current ones like Moana. Even the Frozen segment is different, staying away from the oft-used “Let it Go” in favor of “Love is an Open Door”. Here is a look at photos and video from the first night, including some merchandise and other photos.

This is our full video of the fireworks show, followed by about 60 photos from the day and evening.

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We arrived to the Magic Kingdom in the late afternoon, it wasn’t yet too crowded. There were some guests in the hub, but not many when we arrived.

The new poster for Happily Ever After had replaced the Wishes poster overnight.

The poster showcases some of the characters that are part of the show, including Quasimodo. There has been discussion online about all the movies being more current with no “classics”, but The Little Mermaid is almost 30 years old now. I believe that is the earliest film represented, and with other films being from the 90s and 2000s.

Moana is also in the artwork.

The Lion King is represented.


And Tinker Bell. Those are some of the images found in the artwork.

Roy and Minnie sit in Town Square.

Heading into the Emporium, Happily Ever After merchandise was for sale. I don’t know for how long. Show merchandise is usually not a day-to-day type product except for CDs occasionally, so I would be surprised (but happy) to see it stick around.

There is an ornament.

Disney Happily Ever After Tervis mug.

Ball cap.

There are a few shirts, including a Passholder shirt.

Signs were up for the Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party.

Guests can reserve the dessert party at 407-WDW-DINE. The best view though is probably on Main Street or in the hub, where Cinderella Castle can be seen straight on.

The one last reminder of Wishes was this Uptown Jewelers Pandora sign.

The hub and Main Street were getting busy before the sun set.

Fantasyland was preparing for the show.

Within 45 minutes, the sun had set and we waited for the show to start.

Cinderella Castle started changing color.

Projection technology on the castle has come a long way since The Magic, The Memories & You debuted in 2011.

My main concern was that Happily Ever After might have less fireworks. While this is a projection show, it is also a fireworks show and Disney did a good job balancing both over the 18 minutes. Wishes clocked in at around 12 minutes when it ended.

The turrets are also used now with this show, with projection mapping spanning a wider area.

Fireworks, lasers, and projections are all used in the 18 minute show.

Happily Ever After is a very photogenic show, I look forward to bringing my tripod next time.

Shapes can be seen in the fireworks at times, just like Wishes had.

We usually watch fireworks from Fantasyland, so it will be fun to see what that looks like – though projections aren’t on the back of Cinderella Castle. Apparently they can be seen on the sides, so that will be another viewpoint I would like to check out.

Fireworks rain down.

This scene is during the Hunchback of Notre Dame segment, with Quasimodo seen in the turret.

This scene may have been the most applauded during the entire show.

More shapes appear over Cinderella Castle.

There is a scene for Moana.

Fireworks look like star shapes here.

The Pixar Toy Story segment features colorful lights both on and off the castle, and more shapes.

Mike and Sulley are on Cinderella Castle here in a Monsters, Inc. segment.

My favorite Pixar movie, Ratatouille.


Fireworks during the Big Hero 6 segment.

Genie can be seen on the turret here as Cinderella Castle lights up.

Colorful fireworks flank Cinderella Castle.

The Lion King.

Tangled lanterns.

Ursula appears on Cinderella Castle.

More of the Villains section.

The 18 minutes goes by quickly, as each segment leads to the next.

A variety of characters appear on Cinderella Castle.

Here are more photos as the presentation neared and reached the conclusion. I was really fortunate to not have anyone tall in front of me, or blocking me in any way. I was able to keep my camera just over eye level and I am 5″4.

We highly recommend seeing Happily Ever After on your next visit to Walt Disney World! It is a wonderful show. And the projection show Once Upon a Time does play after it, check the schedule for times.

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