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A Look Around Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Including Refurbished Roaring Fork, New Boulder Ridge Cove Pool and Cascade Cabins Exteriors

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has been undergoing a major transformation over the past couple of years as the new Copper Creek Villas & Cabins development has spurred on refurbishments and additions around the property. In February we posted photos, video and a review of the new Geyser Point Bar & Grill from opening day – at that time, the Roaring Fork counter service location began a refurbishment that just ended last week as it re-opened with a somewhat new look and menu. On this visit, we also walked around the Cascade Cabins that open on July 17th ( we have not been inside yet); the new Boulder Ridge Cove Pool; and the exterior of the resort. We also had breakfast at Roaring Fork and show that as well.

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has been in my top three Disney resorts since it opened, along with Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort & Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. It’s always relaxing to visit here.

Our first stop was Roaring Fork to see the refurbishment and have breakfast.

Outside of Roaring Fork is a listing of what is on the menu all day.

I am not showing all the details of the refurbishment, the overall feel of the counter service location hasn’t really changed – but the setup has.

Here is what is on the grill for the breakfast menu. I ordered the Chocolate-Hazelnut Stuffed French Toast with Bananas and Marscapone and Jeff ordered the 10-Hour Pulled Pork with Cheese Grits. Online (on the Walt Disney World menu site), the french toast says it is stuffed with bananas and marscapone – it isn’t. Those are on top.

The pastry cases and sandwich cases are where drink fountains used to be. These are bear claws, which are really cute.

The donut on the right has bacon on it, I didn’t try it.

Originally on this day out, we planned to go to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and have Tonga Toast. But since Roaring Fork had re-opened, we changed that plan and I went with the Chocolate-Hazelnut Stuffed French Toast here to see how it stacked up. Honestly, it is good but really sweet and I would have preferred more bananas and a little less chocolate. I love chocolate, but it’s a lot of sweetness for a breakfast entree. And there were only a couple of tiny banana slivers. I wouldn’t personally order it again, but it was fine for once.

Jeff ordered the 10-Hour Pulled Pork with Cheese Grits. He thought it was okay, but once was enough for this entree as well. There was a poached egg on the side which didn’t photograph well (he didn’t eat it), so I am not posting that.

The beverages are in the seating room now.

Here is a look at the dining room, although my favorite seating area is now outside.

The outdoor seating is really nice now, including a covering for these tables.

The previous style seating outside is also here.

Signs around property point to many of the new offerings at the resort.

And passing by the feature pool that used to be Silver Creek Springs, I noticed it was now Copper Creek Springs.

The former Trout Pass Bar will become Salon by the Springs.

We didn’t revisit Geyser Point Bar & Grill on this stop.

It’s terrific for guests to have both Roaring Fork and Geyser Point Bar & Grill available now.

A sign welcoming guests to Boulder Ridge.

There are animal tracks on the pavement.

These tracks lead to the buffalo topiary. It is really great to see them back, they used to be at the front of the resort until maybe a year and a half ago or so.

This topiary set is not only back and in a better location, but they look more detailed than before.

Even the tails look different.

Here are a couple of more photos of the two topiary buffalo figures.

This area is very wide open for walking purposes.

Nearby is a map for the resort.

The map includes new and renamed locations around the property.

We’ve taken you on a tour with our previous article of this area, which is behind Geyser Point Bar & Grill.

Boulder Ridge Cove Pool replaced the Hidden Springs pool.

The new Boulder Creek Cove Pool features a zero-depth entry and a jacuzzi. While it is built in conjunction with the Disney Vacation Club Cabins and Villas, the pool is available for anyone staying at the resort.

Here is our video of Boulder Creek Cove Pool.

In 2016, Disney said of the Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, This new name more accurately reflects the railroad theming of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and complements the storyline of the resort. The pool location is themed to an abandoned rock quarry that was repurposed.

Looking toward the Boulder Ridge Villas.

The whirlpool spa is pretty large.

There are some nice theming details.

Restrooms are part of the new pool location.

There are six shaded spaces that are first-come, first serve and seem to seat about eight guests.

Pool rules.

Outdoor seating.

Property of Boulder Ridge Mining Co.

More signage.

There are two sides to the Cascade Cabins. This side is closer to the new pool and feels very remote. The walk this way is more toward Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground while the other side of the cabins are closer to the main building of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and are also closer to the Magic Kingdom (if the Magic Kingdom was walkable, which it isn’t).

There are a total of 26 cabins.

Here is our video exterior tour of this side of the Cascade Cabins.

The cabins are different colors. They each have two bedrooms and two bathrooms and can sleep up to eight guests.

Each cabin has a fully equipped kitchen and a double sided stone-hearth fireplace.

A sign points the way to the cabins.


There is a grill here.

Guests of the resort can use the grill.

Looking toward another cabin.

There are a couple of walkways, this one leads to the cabin parking.

One last cabin on this side.

Check out the view of this cabin, which is at the end of the row. Each cabin has a whirlpool tub as well as part of the porch.

This used to be part of a jogging path that leads to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground or stays here at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, whichever way guests chose to take it around. It now says End of Trail, I am not sure if that means it won’t be part of the jogging path anymore or just that the sidewalk ends.

This walkway brings guests to the main area.

In just a minute, this is where you end up.

Here is a quick look at the pathway to the second set of Cascade Cabins, which border the main building and are closer to Magic Kingdom and Magic Kingdom resort area traffic.

It is still very nice here, just a different vibe.

Bear tracks can be seen in the pavement.

It was starting to get dark, so I just took a photo looking down the walkway.

And from the boat to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, here is a look at the Cascade Cabins.

What do you think of the changes to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge?