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Halloween Decorations Arrive at Magic Kingdom; First Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Kicks Off August 25th, 2017

Hi everyone!

Halloween has arrived at the Magic Kingdom just in time for the first day of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party this Friday (August 25th, 2017). I can’t believe how early the Party nights start this year! We will be at the first two, and will be bringing you photos and video from both. I have been out of town for a few days, but Jeff went yesterday to take some pictures and video of the Magic Kingdom, including pumpkins and merchandise. Here is a first look! I will add a few more pumpkin shots into this article after Friday, along with Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party articles this weekend.

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There are orange banners around the Magic Kingdom as usual, nothing seems noticeably different from last year.

Most of the pumpkins seem to be the same as previous years as well, but they are always fun to look at.

My favorite pumpkin is always this one – the restroom directional pumpkin above the Main Street Firehouse.

Here is a close-up on it.

I believe the last 2 or 3 years, there has only been a barbershop trio over the Harmony Barber Shop. It is nice to see a quartet!

Here are a few of the pumpkins.

Inside the Emporium, Donald joins Pluto and Goofy again.

Mickey and Minnie are displayed together this year.

Here is our merchandise video!

There is a lot of new Halloween merchandise for 2017.

Stitch antenna toppers and Halloween hats.

In Disney days, it is just 2 more days!

Minnie plush.

Halloween shirts.

More Halloween.

Halloween mugs, ear bands and shirts.

Purple shirt.

New pumpkin displays are in the Emporium for 2017.

This pumpkin sticks its tongue out.

Mickey shirt.

Jack and Sally shirts.

Minnie outfit.

Instead of Disney characters, there are merchandise and pumpkin displays in the Emporium windows.

Back on Main Street, here are some of my favorite pumpkins and decorations!

The snowman pumpkin has been a favorite of mine since it debuted a number of years ago.

Emporium decorations.

Above the Art of Disney, there is a film strip pumpkin. Many of the pumpkins are themed to the shop they are in front of.

The film strip features Mickey ears.

It was a beautiful day to take photos of Halloween decorations!

This is an interesting pumpkin.

It looks like a clown.

Looking at more Main Street decorations.

Spider pumpkin.

Skellington key pumpkin.

Witch pumpkin.

Casey’s Corner has themed pumpkins.

French fry pumpkin.


Hot dog.


The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor has fun pumpkins too.

Ice cream cone on its side.

Ice cream on several more pumpkins.

Plaza Restaurant pumpkins.

Sleepy Hollow Inn is also decorated.

And Liberty Square is also to a smaller extent than Main Street.

Here is a look from the Main Street Train Station.

Looking toward the Chamber of Commerce.

See Ya Real Soon!

After Friday’s party, I plan to post a tips article, a lot of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary photos and update this article with a few more pumpkins. So come back this weekend!