Review: The Disney Princess Postcard Box is a Great Gift for a Princess Fan

Hi everyone!

We were sent The Disney Princess Postcard Box from Chronicle Books to review. In the past, I have bought The Art of Pixar: 100 Collectible Postcards and The Art of Pixar, Volume II: 100 Collectible Postcards – I enjoy these postcard sets and there are others as well including at least one more I purchased. The Disney Princess Postcard Box has 100 postcards, and says it is of “all eleven official Disney Princesses”. There are a couple of other princesses at least since Merida, but it is a very nice set of postcards that range from Snow White to Princess Merida and I listed all of them below my review.

What I love about the postcards in each box is that the artwork ranges from concept art to finished film frame artwork. Some of the cards show very early artwork that doesn’t resemble the final characters and some include art by artists such as Mary Blair, Marc Davis, and Eyvind Earle. The best part about having postcards is that you can keep some and share some – my first inclination when opening the box was to figure out who to send them to. The postcards are a little less than 4×6 and would make nice framed prints as well. Much of the concept art I have not seen before, and Chronicle says there is never-before-published art included on the postcards. But there are also many very recognizable film stills as well. It is another terrific set, and The Disney Princess Postcard Box would make a nice gift for a princess fan – or a Disney fan who likes to send postcards, which is more the category I fall into.

The Disney Princess Postcard Box includes:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Sleeping Beauty

The Little Mermaid

Beauty and the Beast




The Princess and the Frog



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