Book Review: “Disney Countdown to Christmas: A Story a Day” Offers 25 Stories For December Reading

Hi everyone!

We received Disney’s Countdown to Christmas: A Story a Day to review. This is a children’s book with 25 individual stories over about 60 pages that is almost a story advent calendar of sorts with 25 to read – one each day from December 1st through Christmas. Each story is a couple of pages and while it isn’t called “5 Minute Stories” like some other Disney titles, these should take about 5 minutes each to read. Even though the stories only cover a couple of pages each, the type size is on the small side for a kids book so the stories are a little longer than they may look on first glance.

Disney’s Countdown to Christmas: A Story a Day features stories with classic characters as well as newer ones, from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty and Donald Duck, as well as a number of Pixar stories that include Wall-E and Finding Nemo. I believe some of these stories are in other Christmas books as well, I feel I may have read a few before (perhaps in Disney 5-Minute Christmas Stories, which I had reviewed last year – fewer stories but a much larger book). Stories here include “Donald’s Christmas Tree” with Chip and Dale joining the fun with Pluto, and “Merry Christmas, Winnie the Pooh” with the whole gang from the beloved Winnie the Pooh stories.
Disney’s Countdown to Christmas: A Story a Day isn’t a huge book, but it can be found at a stocking stuffer type price and will give nearly a month of enjoyment for families to read stories together a few minutes each day.  The reading level is aimed at grades 1-3, though younger kids should enjoy these Disney tales too.
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