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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Halloween Golf Cart Parade 2017 Photos & Video

Hi everyone!

Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground hosted its annual Fort Wilderness Halloween Golf Cart Parade yesterday, and we were there for the 8th year in a row. It is a longstanding tradition for us, and is generally the biggest of the golf cart parades (the others held here are for Christmas and 4th of July). The Halloween golf cart parade was held on October 30th instead of Halloween night. Voting was different this year – the top 5 or 6 carts as chosen by Cast Member judges were brought to the Settlement for guests to then vote on. We didn’t stay long enough to see who won. We do have the entire golf cart parade on video, and I am posting a handful of my favorites.

Wall-E was fantastic! Between Wall-E and the Hatbox Ghost, I am not sure which was my favorite.

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Before reading more, here is our video, it includes all the golf carts!

Chip and Dale arrived in their Halloween costumes. Chip was a pirate and Dale a vampire. As opposed to sitting in a golf cart, they were now being pulled in a wagon. I like this way better, they are more visible.

Chip and Dale waved from the wagon.

From last year, this Haunted Mansion golf cart was a favorite holdover.

And the back of the cart holds a suprise!

The Jurassic park cart was fun.

One of the finalists was this large Steamboat Willie cart.

There is a lot of time and creativity invested in many of the carts!

This is one of my favorites as well.

There were a couple of popcorn carts, I don’t remember this theme before and it was a fun one.


Here is a look at the side and back of Wall-E.

This is a Tiki Bar/Moana theme. The palm tree on top blends pretty well with the background.

This castle was really nice too! Most years there are a couple of standouts, there were quite a few this year.

This Frozen cart included an Anna and Elsa on top.

The next cart was one of the finalists, themed as the Fort Wilderness Food Truck.

Besides Wall-E, my favorite was the Hatbox Ghost cart. The cart itself was not the draw as much as the Hatbox Ghost sitting on it.

The Hatbox Ghost costume was fantastic! I have a few more photos at the end of the article.

The Hatbox Ghost had a sign below that said “The Maddest Hatter of Them All”.

Here is one last look as he sat on the cart.

Here is the second popcorn themed cart. The balloons as popcorn are fun!

This is the one cart I think should have been a finalist and wasn’t, The Great Movie Ride cart.

The cart pays tribute to the former attraction, even with the legs of the Wicked Witch of the East on the back.

Dorothy and a gangster also are part of this beautifuly designed cart.

There is a Lil’ Mater cart.

Lil’ Mater from Rusty Springs.

A-113 is on the back.

This was a really nicely detailed spookier cart.

Here is the lineup of cart finalists after the parade was finished. We have these carts in the video as well.

Wall-E, Steamboat Willie, the Hatbox Ghost, and the Fort Wilderness food truck cart can be seen here.

The Fort Wilderness food truck cart also sat next to a lifeguard cart.

Guests dressed as Cast Member life guards danced next to their cart.

The Hatbox Ghost sat in his cart.

The costume really is the best.

And one last look at the Hatbox Ghost, in a standing position.

This was not the only event of the day, we also enjoyed the pet parade and checked out the wonderfully carved pumpkins before heading to Trail’s End for dinner. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is always a favorite for Halloween!