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Sunset Seasons Greetings Photos and Video: Tower of Terror Projection Show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Includes Fun Details

Hi everyone!

The new projection show Sunset Seasons Greetings will officially debut on November 9th, 2017 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The short Disney Christmas themed vignettes use the Hollywood Tower Hotel/Tower of Terror as their canvas, just as Disneyland Paris began doing last year during Star Wars Season of the Force. We were able to view the new show last night at an Annual Passholder preview, and I think it’s a great addition to the Studios for the holidays (though December 31st, 2017). And if you pay attention during each scene, you will find fun elements like Mickey and Minnie in shadow, the Pixar ball and Slinky Dog. There is also “snow” falling at times.

Here are some photos and video from last night.

There are four segments, all of them are very quick – just a couple of minutes or so each. The first I am showing is the Muppets segment (these aren’t in order of how they were shown). Disney says of this segment, “The Swedish Chef from The Muppets babbling as only he can while the scene turns into giant gingerbread houses”. I took a few photos of the screens that are part of the show, but I quickly moved away from them and closer to the Tower.

Here is our video of the Muppets segment, then check out the photos and videos for the Toy Story and Mickey’s Christmas Carol segments.

The Hollywood Tower Hotel becomes a gingerbread house.

It takes a minute or so for the change to happen.

Here is the finished gingerbread house.

Miss Piggy, Kermit and then Fozzie Bear as a gingerbread man can be seen here.

I was asked yesterday what I thought about Muppets, etc. on the Tower of Terror. I have no problem with it. The ride is inside, it was running while the event was happening. When we were in Paris, I just consider the exterior a canvas for the Star Wars projections while they are running. It is a fun bonus for the season in addition to Echo Lake, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam!; etc. This is not a replacement for the Osborne Lights, but Disney’s Hollywood Studios has some solid decorations and Christmas offerings this year.

Here is a close-up of Fozzie Bear as a gingerbread cookie.

And one last look at the Hollywood Tower Hotel as a gingerbread house before moving to the next segment!

Prep and Landing are quickly on the screen between each of the segments as well.

Woody and Buzz are on the screen as this segment begins. Disney says of this segment, “The Toy Story characters guessing which new toys are coming this Christmas as the scene becomes covered in holiday wrapping paper.”

Here is the Toy Story segment on video.

Blue sky and clouds envelope the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Presents appear.

The show can be enjoyed from further back, but I think even closer is better. You can see here that the Tower of Terror becomes the “Hollywood Toy Hotel”.

Slinky Dog is briefly on the Tower. Bucket O Soldiers is above that.

Thre is a lot going on at any given time.

After the segment is pretty much over, the Pixar ball comes out and bounces down the Tower.

Here are a couple of more photos as the Pixar ball makes its way down.


Matchbox cars.

Each of the segments on the screens ends with a nice saying.

The next segment is Mickey’s Christmas Carol. This may now be my favorite of all. Disney says of this segment, “Mickey and Minnie reminiscing about a hometown Christmas as the scene shifts into a romanticized, Norman Rockwell-inspired town—starting in black and white before slowly changing into color.”

I took about 600 photos last night, the Tower changes constantly and you can see that in the videos. What I am showing is just some of the different forms the Tower takes during the 15 or so minutes that the 4 segments last combined.

Here is our video, which includes Mickey’s head on the Tower of Terror.

During Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Mickey and Minnie can be seen in the top right window briefly. You can see Mickey wreaths here too.

Here are a couple of more shots of Mickey and Minnie. This reminds me of the Disney Dream Skyline lounge, where people and occasional characters can be seen in silhouette. There may be more here I didn’t see, and there are a lot of people in the windows elsewhere.

By this photo, Minnie has left.

But, Minnie can be seen in a different location.

And this greeting is at the end of the segment on the screens.

Here is the Olaf section. Disney says of this,  And finally, Olaf pining over his holiday wish as iconic music plays and the scene freezes over into a Frozen winter wonderland— complete with dancing Aurora Borealis lights and projected falling snow.

For me, this is the weakest of the segments – its still nice, but not as vibrant as the Toy Story and Muppets segments nor did I see as many “hidden” details here as the Mickey’s Christmas Carol section.

Carolers on the Tower.

This part is fun, almost like an ugly sweater with Olaf.

And there is a roaring fire and stockings.

Before Sunset Seasons Greetings, we had stopped by Echo Lake. This is a lovely area for the holidays, so much more than I expected it to be when announced that Christmas decorations were coming here.

Here is our nighttime video of Echo Lake along with a little of Sunset Seasons Greetings.

Santa Gertie at night.

The combination of classic holiday music and these gorgeous views…just beautiful!

We wil have much more as we continue sharing Christmas and the holidays at Walt Disney World for our 11th year!