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Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail Opens with 25 Themed Disney Trees – Over 130 Photos, Including Frozen, Beauty and the Beast Themes

Hi everyone!

The Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail is back again this year, bigger than it’s debut year in 2016 (with 10 more trees) and each tree has a lot more theming to it than last year – more like Camp Minnie-Mickey used to have when it was open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Santa Claus meet and greet is now also along the trail, as is a small shop and snack stand. Different ornaments are promoted on the trees and on a large tree at the end of the display. I took photos of most of the trees last night, and have about 130 photos here. There are also fun posters to look at as well as snow falling. I know 130 photos sounds like a lot, but I took – in about an hour – maybe 400 photos and I could have taken more. There is a lot of detail on the trees, so you will want to see the trail for yourself! We should have a video eventually as well. There are 25 total trees, and the Christmas Tree Trail is open from 12-10 Monday through Friday and 10-10 Friday-Sunday.

It was pretty busy last night, so taking some photos was a challenge (like full tree pictures). I plan to go back and fill in a few photos that I want to add.

At the beginning of the Christmas Tree Trail, guests can check in to meet Santa. There was only an hour wait in the virtual queue, which is low compared to how long the virtual queue can be (many hours at times).

Yesterday evening, there was a living statue near the entrance. There are projections on the ground of snowflakes.

This first tree is of Disney Springs merchants.

For example, Amorettes Patisserie is here. It would be nice if each “ornament” was designed more for the theme of the shop or restaurant, maybe next year.

There were actually two living statue performers that I saw, switching out during the evening.

Signs along the trail pointed the way to meet Santa and see the trees.

This Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail sign mentions how each tree has an ornament featured on the tree that can be purchased. Some are themed to the tree, some aren’t. Like the Muppets tree I believe had a Mickey ornament on it.

Here is the Mickey and Minnie Mouse tree, with a big bow on top.

The ornament inside is Mickey and Minnie with the Walt Disney World Welcome Sign.

Mickey and Minnie sign. Lighting is a challenge here at night for photos, some trees are lit well and some less so and there are a lot of shadows.

This is one of my favorite trees, themed to Pluto.

Pluto doghouse.

Pluto’s dog collar is the topper, and there are a variety of fun items around the tree.

Pluto’s dog bone.

The Sleeping Beauty tree has a lot of pink, and the hats of the Fairy Godmothers as ornaments. Honestly, a lot of the best ornaments on the trail are the ones you can’t buy.

Sleeping Beauty sign and the featured ornament (which can be purchased at Disney Springs and elsewhere).

True Love’s Kiss sign.

Fairy Godmother hat.

The Little Mermaid tree is bathed in blue lighting.

King Triton’s trident is the topper.

Little Mermaid sign, surrounded by sea life.

This is the featured Little Mermaid ornament.

Treasure chest.

Here is the snack stand I mentioned, which also says cocktails.

Princess and the Frog tree.

Princess and the Frog sign, and there are masks and beads, etc. here.

Princess Tiana ornament.

Beauty and the Beast tree.

Beauty and the Beast sign.

The featured ornament. The ornaments don’t come in the lantern box when purchased.

I mentioned that my favorite ornaments tended to be the ones not available to buy. The Mrs. Potts ornament is fun.

There is also a Lumiere ornament here.

Frozen has a tree as well.

There is a reindeer, skates, carrots and more.

Some of the trees have a poster “ad” near them, themed to the film they are based on. Here is a sign signifying Frozen, which was released in 2013.

The Snow White tree includes skulls, apples and more. And you will notice that the bases of the trees are also themed, some more identifiable to the tree than others.

A deer is in the tree.

The Snow White featured ornament.

Looking up at the Snow White backing and tree.

Here is one of the ads, the Seven Guys Farms Apples – The Fairest of them All! Since 1938, when Snow White debuted.

Stroke of Midnight Carriage Repair poster to go with the Cinderella tree.

This is the Cinderella tree.

The Cinderella ornament is near a clock ornament set to midnight.

There is a swan and pumpkins.

Looking up at the tree.

Carriage ornament.

The Pinocchio tree with Jiminy Cricket on the backdrop.

Official conscience ornament.

Pinocchio’s hat and the Blue Fairy’s wand.

The 101 Dalmatians tree has a poster nearby, Fresh & Fast Hot Dog, Home of the 101 Toppings (since 1961). There are spots around the poster.

101 Dalmatians tree.

101 Dalmatians sign.

There is a coat rack of Cruella fur coats.

Kanine Krunchies box.

Cruella’s gloved hand is at the top of the tree.

The next poster is for The Crafty Villain, with Stocking Stuffers & Unique Evil Gifts.

This is the Villains tree, which was a harder one for photographing in the evening because so much on it is dark.

The Villains sign is surrounded by ornaments including the Evil Queen.

A Magic Spells book is in the tree.


Ursula’s tentacles are at the top.

This is the Fantasia tree.

The topper is Sorcerer Mickey’s hat.

There is a broom here and mushrooms.

Fantasia sign and flamingos with Santa hats.

A bucket.

This is the Sorcerer Mickey ornament.

There are two Robin Hood posters. One is a wanted poster.

The other is a tax poster.

This is the Robin Hood tree.

Reward sign in the tree.

The featured ornament is Robin Hood.

There are a variety of themed ornaments here, including the bullseye in the back with arrows.

King John’s crown is the topper.

I don’t yet have a good photo of the full Dumbo tree, but here are a few photos of the ornaments and topper. Dumbo is at the top, at least his hat, ears, and trunk are – along with the train.

The tree is full of animal ornaments.

There is a giraffe here.

And a peanut box with an elephant on it.

Tangled is next.

Here is the featured ornament.

The topper is flowers.

There is a long braid through the tree.

And this is fun, the Pascal and paints.

Looking at Pascal closer.

The Lilo and Stitch tree reminds me of Camp Minnie-Mickey and some of the ornaments/records look like they may have come from that tree.

There is a guitar here.

And a surfboard.


The Stitch ornament, along with the Lilo & Stitch sign and a record.

“Ohana” spelled out.

Santa’s Chalet is really perfect in this spot.

Santa wasn’t there at the moment I passed by, but guests were waiting for him.

Pig & Frog Candies sign, in anticipation of the Muppets tree. Get Your Sweet Tooth Hopping This Christmas.

This is the Muppets tree.

Miss Piggy is featured on top.

The Muppets sign.

Electric Mayhem Band drums.

A variety of characters can be seen in the tree, including Gonzo.

There is still more!

There is a Mary Poppins tree.

The tree includes penguins, a carousel and more.

A chimney sweep is on this ornament.

And nearby is a poster for Indubitably The Best Umbrella Shop.

This is the Mulan tree.

Mulan sign.

A fan.


Mushu is on this poster for Fireworks, 100% Ancestor Approved.

This is the Alice in Wonderland tree.

Cheshire Cat can be found here.

Mushrooms and the Mad Hatter’s hat are near the top, along with cards.

There are teacups and saucers as ornaments.

Premium Quality Wonderous Desserts.

The Jungle Book tree.

The Jungle Book sign, along with bananas and more.

Kaa is featured near the top – at least his tail is.

I have at least one other tree I photographed that somehow didn’t make it into the article, but I will be updating this next week with a few more photos!