Review: New “Outta Control Holiday Dinner Show” at WonderWorks Orlando

Hi everyone!

We were invited to preview the new Outta Control Holiday Dinner Show at WonderWorks Orlando. This was our first time seeing the Outta Control Dinner Show here and we haven’t been through WonderWorks (and didn’t have time to on this day). This is the first time that WonderWorks has offered a holiday version of the show, which usually features Tony Brent, a comedy magician who has performed here for 17 years – he is VERY popular and energetic. He performs five nights per week most of the year, with other performers taking his place on off days. The schedule is here for December currently, with the holiday show being performed through the end of the year.

WonderWorks is the upside-down building on International Drive at Pointe Orlando.

There are decorations outside and inside for Christmas.

Christmas trees are upside down in the building.

Upon entering the lobby, there is a sign for The Outta Control Dinner Show.

We saw a preview of the new holiday show, it starts December 22nd, 2017 (today as I post this).

This is the view from the back of the room, the size of maybe a conference room at a resort, maybe a little bigger. It is an intimate experience for a show.

The food here is basic but decent. A salad of iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and a small amount of cucumbers and shredded carrots was on the table upon arrival. There was ranch dressing in a bottle.

The stage was set for Tony Brent to debut his new show. The doors opened around 8:00 p.m., and the show starts at 8:30 p.m. and lasts for an hour. Food arrives before the show but after it starts as well. Drinks were refilled until the end.

There are new pizzas debuted for the holiday show. I actually filled up a lot on the salad because I can be picky on pizza, but the pizza was freshly baked and actually good. It isn’t Via Napoli (Epcot) quality, but still really tasty. Pizzas could also be made half and half like the one below – with choices of chicken alfredo, vegetable, meat lovers and cheese and/or pepperoni. Some of these are special for the holiday show. There was also unlimited beer and wine – nothing fancy, this is a basic meal, but I had white zinfandel and Jeff ordered the Amber Bock. Pepsi was on the table but there were a few other Pepsi products that could be ordered as well.

This was the cheese pizza.

Tony Brent began his show. It is highly interactive, guests can be chosen for participation. I actually asked him after the show how guests might keep from being picked (since I am not big on personally participating), and he said that he often chooses guests who are smiling and having a good time. Honestly, there was a lot of people around me who were happy to be part of the show, he had more people volunteering than he was able to choose.

He has a variety of comedy/magic acts during the hour – often themed to the holidays.

Dessert was a small square of red velvet cake with icing and an Andes candy on top. It was very good, just the perfect amount of dessert after the salad and pizza.

I mentioned that the show is high-energy, it is a non-stop hour that had everyone laughing – the kids birthday party group behind us was really into the interactive aspect of it. You can read more about Tony Brent here.

This was a fun show with decent food. Pricing and times:

  • Adults: $29.99
  • Kids (4-12) & Seniors (60+): $19.99
  • Nightly Shows @ 6:00PM & 8:00PM

In addition, there is a parking garage with no validation – so it will cost to park, and the gratuity requested is in the $3-$4 range per person. We paid for our own parking and gratuity, the show was included for us to write about. I am guessing quite a few of those attending the show many nights are staying in the WonderWorks area of I-Drive, so it may be walking distance from your hotel.

Read more about the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show here, including the holiday version.