Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Walk 2018 Via the Walt Disney World BoardWalk


Up ahead to the left are several shops connected. I think of it more as one store, but there are different names.

The Screen Door General Store is the first shop.

I only photographed this area because it includes snacks and drinks. The rest of the stores here are mostly clothing and other merchandise.

Guests staying in the DVC Villas can find some food items to buy like frozen pizzas. The same fruit stand as was here when I first photographed the walk in 2007 is still here, along with plenty of beverage choices.

It wasn’t too long ago that these cases were added, with cookies and more.

Disney’s Character Carnival offers “Houseware and Mouseware”.

Next up is Thimbles & Threads. Just like the Magic Kingdom Emporium, you can walk one end of the store(s) to the other.

Thimbles & Threads.

We are still walking ahead on the BoardWalk.

On the right hand side are games of chance/skill, these are also open more later in the day than when I was photographing.

Big River Grille & Brewing Works is on the left hand side. I first went to the Chattanooga location in 1999, and this version has decent food. They also have a beer tapping every couple of months or so with inexpensive beer during the event.

We will be making a turn pretty soon toward Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Two entertainment locations are up ahead, but we otherwise won’t be passing any other restaurants or shops.

The lighthouse at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort is across the way.

Crescent Lake is still to our right.

Rooms of the BoardWalk to our left.

Ahead, longtime entertainment locations Jellyrolls and Atlantic Dance Hall.

Looking behind us, you can see Spaceship Earth and SeaBreeze Point.

I like this view of Spaceship Earth, especially with the pop of color in the trees right now.

I have never gone to the Atlantic Dance Hall in the evening, just inside the building for a few events over the years during the day. It is 21+.

Jellyrolls is also 21+. I have only been one time to this dueling piano bar, almost 20 years ago. We almost went a few years ago but there was a child in the group and we walked to Fantasia Gardens for mini-golf instead.

We are passing Jellyrolls at 10:37 a.m., just 10 minutes after we left. My timed portion of the walk does not include the stops I am making for photos.

We turned left at Jellyrolls and will be soon making another left.

This is also the way to go if you want to head to the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin. The rooms and Dolphin lobby have recently been refurbished, and there are a number of terrific restaurants including Shula’s.

We are heading left, but if you kept going toward the right, you’d end up either at the Swan & Dolphin or Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort.

We are still hugging the Jellyrolls building to the left.

There is a driveway here that you see the cart on, and then a walking path after that. Sometimes there is work being done on the path so I end up on the driveway for a bit, but the path is better because there are no vehicles.

Signage shows which way to go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

There are several signs along the way, but it’s very easy from here.

Disney’s BoardWalk Resort will be on the left side for maybe half the way, and Disney’s Swan Resort is across the water on the right.

We are heading straight.

On the right, a Friendship Boat is passing the Walt Disney World Swan with the Dolphin in the background.

We won’t be looking at Luna Park at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort but it’s toward the left from where we are here and has a clown slide.

Another sign leads the way.

The driveway to the left continues as well.

Guests with these rooms have a nice view of the water.

Another sign points the way to go.

The BoardWalk Community Hall for DVC members is on the left hand side.

We pass Community Hall at 10:41 a.m.

This path is particularly busy in the early mornings as guests go to the park, and is also popular for runners and walkers exercising.

On the left hand side coming up are tennis courts for Disney’s BoardWalk Resort guests.

We are walking toward the bridge.

A bird was standing on a rock nearby.

At this point, the sign only points to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We pass under the bridge at 10:45 a.m.

The walkway here looks different than it did last year as the Disney Skyliner is being built. There is construction fence not long after the bridge.

In the distance, there is also a crane or two visible as Star Wars Land (2019) and Toy Story Land (2018) are being built.

The entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios can be seen, along with rockwork from Star Wars Land that is obstructed quite a bit by palm trees.

We are continuing along the path.

The Tower of Terror is now in view on the right hand side.

As we walk further, the Tower of Terror is also closer.

The Friendship Boat dock is to the left hand side of the attraction in these photos.

A Friendship Boat passes the Tower of Terror. I like seeing the Friendship Boats passing during the walk.

We are nearing the end of the walk as we get closer to the bus stop and the front of the park.

Construction is taking place for the Disney Skyliner here.

Construction fence leads to the bus stop.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

We are turning right.

The construction fence goes on for quite a bit, I am looking forward to riding the gondola system when completed occasionally.

Both charter and WDW buses are here.

The Disney Skyliner sign at Disney’s Hollywood Studios shows the station concept art that is being built here.

We are walking with the fence on the right hand side.

The Tower of Terror is back in view.

Buses are the other direction.

The front entrance is ahead.

And I am stopping the walk here at the Sorcerer Mickey topiary at 10:53 a.m. On this day, it took me 26 minutes to walk. Sometimes it is less, not usually more. And it is always possible that this topiary can change, in recent memory there was a Frozen topiary display and a Cars display.

Ahead is the front entrance with security into Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

I rarely start at Disney’s Hollywood Studios first, Epcot is my favorite park and so this is the direction I normally go first. But you can reverse it and even take the way around toward Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort for a different view on the way back.

And here is our Mousesteps Weekly #254, we show some of the walk along with Epcot Festival of the Arts coverage! I queued it up to the walk, but you can watch from the beginning too.