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Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 – Photos from Lunar Eclipse at Disney’s Polynesian Resort & Epcot Moon Pictures

Hi everyone!

A few days back on January 30th, I noticed a bigger than usual moon at Epcot while in World Showcase. I hadn’t heard until then that there would be a supermoon, lunar eclipse or anything else special – but I looked online while at Epcot and found there would be a phenomenon called a Super Blue Blood Moon – with a super moon, total lunar eclipse and a blue moon (second full moon of the month) and that it would happen early in the morning on the 31st. So I took photos at Epcot because the moon looked cool there, and then we joined friends staying at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort for the early morning. Apparently it has been 150 or so years since a similar event has happened. I am no expert on any of this, so hopefully I wrote it correctly.

We also have some video of the experience in our Mousesteps Weekly show #255, thanks to Axel (CuriousAxel on YouTube) after Jeff forgot his video camera. You can find that at the end of this article.

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It was still light outside when I noticed the moon at Epcot. Here are a few photos from that evening.

At Disney’s Polynesian Resort, we were trying to figure out where the best place to photograph would be. While this balcony was fine for the park, it wasn’t good for the moon. I took a couple of photos of the Magic Kingdom – with the crane over Cinderella Castle, and then we all went to the beach.

It was about 6:15 a.m. when we arrived, but by the time we got to the beach it was closing in on what was said to be peak time to see the eclipse (6:45 a.m.)

The moon was still full.

Here are a couple of photos of the moon.

It’s maybe been a few years since I have seen a sunrise at Walt Disney World, so that was a nice experience too.

I was mostly photographing toward Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, but took a few pictures also of the Polynesian.

The eclipse started, and I photographed it looking past the wedding pavilion at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

I had the camera on manual, and set it so that it looked darker out so I could get a better view of the moon. This is when the moon started showing some red.

The moon disappeared within a couple of minutes at this point. Once the eclipse started, the moon started disappearing from view but it disappeared even quicker behind the trees.

This was our last look at the moon.

And here are a few photos as the sun rose. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort has a pretty pink color behind it.

And monorails were circling on the beam, including at the Magic Kingdom.

Here is our Mousesteps Weekly show #255, I set it to the 16:27 mark if you just want to see the eclipse portion.

That is it! This was a really fun experience, followed up by breakfast at Kona Cafe and a couple of hours at the Magic Kingdom.