Citrus Swirl Returns to the Magic Kingdom After Less Than a Week Away

Hi everyone!

We hadn’t been to the Magic Kingdom in a couple of weeks so I didn’t even have a photo of the Sunshine Tree Terrace sign from less than a week ago when the big news was that the very popular Citrus Swirl were gone, in was Orange Swirl. Today we were heading out of the park and I took a look at the Sunshine Tree Terrace sign, and I noticed that Citrus Swirl was there with the orange juice as it had been before. Now the Orange Swirl is the Orange Cream Cup. Hopefully this is the final menu, a little something for everyone who likes Citrus Swirl or something a little sweeter. I didn’t photograph the entire sign, I was mostly just focused on the Citrus Swirl! It was a big surprise for it to be gone, since it has such a following (like the Dole Whip).

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There was also a Photopass photographer at the Purple Wall, something I hadn’t seen before.

It was a pretty day at the Magic Kingdom today! We will be back on Monday for the Pirates of the Caribbean re-opening.