Meeting Pixar Characters at Disney California Adventure During Pixar Fest (Photos, Video & Tips!)

Hi everyone!

Pixar Fest began a couple of weeks ago, April 13th at the Disneyland Resort. We’ve posted several articles so far, but I have been asked quite a bit about how the character meet and greet works in Paradise Gardens. This location is the setting for “Pixar Pals”, and guests can meet characters from some of their favorite Pixar films here through the end of Pixar Fest on September 3rd, 2018. During this time frame, Pixar Pier will also open (June 23rd officially). I do not know if that will mean changes to the character meets or the time (the character location ran from 11:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day we were there), but this is our experience over the first week of Pixar Fest. Paradise Gardens is used for events throughout the year, and it is used similarly here – characters, special food items at Paradise Garden Grill, music in the bandstand and there is an AP Corner.

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Here is a look at the Pixar Fest signage when entering Disney California Adventure. While Pixar Fest is spread over both Disneyland Resort parks, the character greets are at Disney California Adventure.

Pixar Pals signage is at Paradise Gardens, and some banners were added below it a few days or more into our stay.

There is a gazebo that the characters meet at. I couldn’t find a photo of the line, but there always seeemed to be one, and it often moved quickly. Guests do not know ahead of time who they will meet, at least there is no guarantee and Cast Members will say that.

Before we show the characters in the gazebo, we did meet Jessie just outside of the Pixar Pals area. She walked around most days we were there, and once was meeting with Buzz Lightyear when Woody didn’t make it.

Here is Jessie with Buzz Lightyear, it was the first day of meet and greets and it was the only time I saw them together.

In the week we were there for Pixar Fest, there were five character duos (not including Jessie with Buzz) meeting – three per day in rotation. So guests would need at least a couple of days to see everyone that is available. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible were one of the duos we met.

Mrs. Incredible reaches out for Mr. Incredible.

And they went in for a kiss.

Here is our video meeting Mr. and Mrs. Incredible.

Flik and Atta also were meeting.

A guest handed Flik a light-up Mickey.

And he figured out how to light it up.

Flik had given Atta’s hand a kiss and she reacted.

Here is our video of Flik and Atta.

Next, Dug and Russell. The characters aren’t in full order of how we saw them, we met and saw them on multiple days.

Dug and Russell.

Here is our video with Dug and Russell.

Buzz pointed to the camera while Woody walked behind him.

And they posed for the camera.

Buzz and Woody.

Here is our video!

We used to see Sulley and Mike Wazowski around the parks more often than now, so it was good to see them together here.

Sully shows his best scaring technique.

Here is our video with Mike and Sulley!

If you are planning on heading to the Disneyland Resort for Pixar Fest, check the Times Guide for the most up-to-date information on all activities, including the character meet and greets at Paradise Gardens!