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Review: “Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream” Featuring “Moana” as Newest Segment

Hi everyone!

We were invited to Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream at the Amway Center. The Feld show would have originated from Orlando in September, but due to Hurricane Irma, it was pushed to May here after touring for a number of months. As I write this, there are still two shows today in Orlando before it heads to its next destination.

Photo provided by Feld Entertainment

One thing I love about Disney on Ice is that new characters and scenes are being added regularly. For Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream, Moana makes her first appearance in a Disney on Ice show. She is joined by Gramma Tala, Maui and Tamatoa the crab. The second half of the show – after intermission – includes two main segments: Frozen and Moana. Below I will show a little of the Moana segment in two videos, we were allowed 3 minutes of video to post and we chose to stick with this newest Disney on Ice addition. The Frozen characters were added about four years ago with a dedicated Frozen show (which still tours).

Each Disney on Ice touring show is different, with Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream offering segments based on Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Frozen and Moana. Each one is lively and includes music from the films – my favorite besides Moana is probably Tangled, it includes Rapunzel and Flynn Rider on silks as well as ice skating. And the Frozen characters are always so much fun.

Photo by Denise Preskitt, Mousesteps

The beginning of Disney on Ice shows feature characters including Mickey and Minnie. The end of Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream is like a characterpalooza, with so many characters that weren’t otherwise in the show as part of the finale. Tinker Bell walked through our section, and other characters walked down other areas of the arena.

Maui and Moana “You’re Welcome” skating video

Disney on Ice shows offer a wide range of tickets that start at $18 (at least here in Orlando). The less expensive tickets will be higher up than where we are, but I personally think it’s a bargain for as much entertainment is offered in about a 90 minute show after taking out the intermission time. The shows aren’t just about watching characters skate, but watching them interact and play out the stories. The sets – like Moana on her boat – are really fun. And while the segments won’t include the entire storyline and music from any given film, it is quite a bit. Moana starts off with her Gramma Tala and we see her eventually set sail and meet Maui, who is all “You’re Welcome”. We do not see Pua and Hei Hei, but Tamatoa does show up for a terrific bit on “Shiny” that has a similar psychedelic vibe to the film. There are a variety of terrific costumes as well.

Moana, Maui and Tomatoa for some of the “Shiny” segment

Disney on Ice did provide us tickets to talk about our experience. If we weren’t given tickets, I would likely buy them since I enjoy the experience so much.  We’ve been to many shows now and they are always a really fun time out. I don’t think of the shows as just for kids, or just for families with kids – though that is a large demographic of guests who attend. If you love Disney or skating or especially both, then definitely check out Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream or any other Disney on Ice show.